What makes the Trumps, Abbotts and Hansons of this world tick? What would happen if their world started to shift ever so slightly?

This darkly comedic political thriller asks what it means to be right... in more ways than one.

Written and directed by Katy Warner and performed by Lyall Brooks, A Prudent Man won the 2016 Melbourne Fringe People's Choice Award from over 400 productions.

In 2017 it enjoyed a sold-out season to over 600 audience members at Fringe World Perth where it was nominated for Best Theatre and has just returned from another sold out season at the 20 Darwin Festival where we added an extra show due to demand!

WINNER: 2016 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award WINNER: 2016 Melbourne Fringe WA Tour Ready Award NOMINATED: 2016 Green Room Awards for Best New Writing NOMINATED: 2016 Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Performance NOMINATED: 2017 Fringe World Perth - Best Theatre OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2017 New York United Solo Festival

★★★★★ "Profound and gripping viewing for all. You simply must see this shocking commentary on conservative politics." - Theatre People

★★★★★ "Theatre at the very top of its game: complex, enlightening and thoroughly accomplished." - The Music

★★★★ "Writer and performer have reached the pinnacle of drama." -? Arts Hub

★★★★ "A powerful and thought-provoking finale." -? The West Australian

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

WARNINGS: Mild coarse language and adult themes

There is one performer and one operator in the touring party.

Technical requirements are minimal: a dimmable warm front wash and patch point for an on-stage dimmable fresnel.

Provision of or assistance in sourcing this fresnel - on a stand - would be appreciated. Depending on presenter location, further assistance sourcing the required executive-look chair and side table may be required. See production shots for reference.

There is the potential for this piece to utilise un-developed, found or otherwise interesting spaces. Please chat to us about this if you have something in mind.

Lab Kelpie is a theatre company dedicated to the production of new work by Australian playwrights.

Established as a not-for-profit incorporated association with a board of experienced and passionate industry professionals, we actively seek out works that engage audiences by interrogating with intelligence and vigour how relationships, power and politics function in the twenty first century.

As strong advocates of new writing, we support Australian playwrights by commissioning, developing, presenting and touring their work, encouraging our writers to take risks and inspire audiences with the themes and messages they want to explore.

“One of Australia’s most exciting independent theatre companies on the rise.” – Maxim Boon, The Music

Since we began in 2012 we have presented over 211 performances to 14,100 audiences in 63 venues across Australia and New Zealand.

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Unique Selling Point

Our main character is an amalgamation of recent history's conservative politicians – he embodies their slogans, mannerisms and headlines.

There is a huge demand for this work from the 35+ market who enjoy a ‘meatier’ piece and those under 25 who are more left-leaning and seeking out work that explores the apparent growing wave of rightwing populism led by the likes of Donald Trump and One Nation.

Both our Fringe World Perth and Darwin Festival seasons in 2017 sold out a week before we opened.

Feedback from audiences has made it clear that there is a real demand for work that explores these issues.

Marketing Materials

  • The major hook is the topical nature of the piece, which venues should exploit in their marketing material (we will provide images, branded promo video and artwork). Venues should highlight the political nature of the work, the fact it is inspired by real events and reference political figures such as Trump, Hanson and Abbott to help build interest and intrigue.

  • We recommend describing the work as a “darkly comical political thriller”.

  • Venues should take full advantage of the show’s awards and strong reviews (including two five-star reviews).

  • Please download our Marketing Toolkit attached here for more tips and hints.

Community Engagement

A Prudent Man presents an opportunity for the community to start conversations around some very current, vital topics. The treatment of women, the treatment of refugees, what it means to be Australian. The piece is not didactic; it does not preach to its audience to think in a certain way. Its aim is to start conversations or debate, to get people thinking and talking with each other. Any activities to extend this legacy from the informal setting of the post-show foyer, to more deliberate forums in the community, will be developed with each presenter.

Performer Lyall Brooks is an experienced teacher and workshop facilitator. Masterclasses in contemporary monologues are available, and we encourage presenters to consider perhaps including the results of these in an "Act II" of the evening's performance.

Writer / director Katy Warner is an award-winning author and playwright, and may be available to engage with the community through writing workshops for an additional fee.