Activeland's most famous superhero, Captain Active, brings his unbridled energy and enthusiasm to the stage, to deliver this highly interactive, educational and entertaining show. ‘Captain Active's Awesome Active Adventure’ will spark the audience's imagination, by taking them on a 60 minute adventure from Activeland to Australia, in a bid to overcome the evil and unhealthy habits of his arch nemesis Lazy Cray Cray!

He will fly in the fruit and veggie rocket, go animal ball hiking over mountains, running and dodging creepy crawlies through dark caves, jumping over raging crocodile infested rivers and boogying to funky beats, all whilst creating a loyal and eager team of Cap Ac Kids! Parents and grandparents will laugh, whilst kids will be on the edge of their seat every time Captain Active's 'active-o-meter' goes off with an update from mission control on Lazy Cray Cray's evil doings.

The show includes:

  • Audience participation in fun games on stage that are integrated into the story!
  • Audience activities to get everyone laughing and being active in their seat!
  • Lots of healthy eating messages!
  • Super catchy songs that'll get the toes tapping!
  • A lot of energy that will entertain and inspire everyone to be active, just like Captain Active!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The presenters will have a lot of fun hosting Captain Active's Awesome Active Adventure show and their community will think they're awesome for bringing Captain Active to town! We will warn you in advance however, that there will be pressure from the audience to book Captain Active's sequel show, 'Captain Active and the 5 Ancient Active Challenges'! The touring party is a laid back crew and the show requires very little technical assistance, so presenters can be assured a smooth set up and production.

Captain Active, the most famous superhero on Activeland, has landed his fruit and veggie rocket on Planet Earth! His supercharged energy, enthusiasm and passion will motivate and inspire kids and families to have loads of fun leading an active and healthy lifestyle!

Captain Active’s arch nemesis, the evil Lazy Cray Cray, has been working overtime to tempt people into a sedentary, boring, unfulfilled and unhealthy lifestyle of lazing around staring at screens and eating greasy, sugary, processed foods!

The Captain Active program incorporates an entertaining and interactive travelling stage show, super energetic one hour games sessions for kids, online videos of game and cooking demonstrations, a YouTube series in 'The Adventures of Captain Active', school and early learning centre visits, online school teacher resource kits, songs, books and activities, merchandise and appearances at small and large events.

Captain Active (and his creator, Luke) are passionate about leading a super active and fun lifestyle and won't stop until the whole universe is having a blast being healthy and active, just like Captain Active.

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Unique Selling Point

Captain Active really does make this show special, unique and very, very appealing to audiences. His energy and enthusiasm is out of this world, bringing comparisons to the late, great Steve Irwin. Kids are fascinated with watching and interacting with a real life superhero, whilst parents absolutely love the healthy messages they can use at home. 'Captain Active loves to eat veggies!' is something many Mums have told us they've used to great effect! The show is colourful, the songs are catchy, the games are clever, there's jokes for parents and the storyline progresses quickly to maintain complete audience attention.

Marketing Materials

Captain Active and the Captain Active logo are both trademarked. These along with a range of high and low resolution images can be provided for any local promotional requirements. We can provide template show flyers and posters for printing and electronic distribution. There are a number of videos of Captain Active in action at and on the Captain Active YouTube Channel. We can provide communities with a voiceover from Captain Active for a commercial or a personalised short video to promote the upcoming show in their location. Captain Active is always ready to do interviews for local media.

Community Engagement

Captain Active's goal is to entertain the audience, so that kids will want to be like Captain Active and parents and grandparents have an effective tool they can use to encourage their children to be active and eat healthy foods. All Captain Active's multimedia platforms support the healthy messages from the show. For example, on the Captain Active YouTube Channel, there are demonstrations of Captain Active preparing healthy meals in the kitchen, playing fun games in the backyard and going on outdoor adventures, including mountain bike riding, fishing, hiking, camping, veggie gardening and exercising. These can be used by families, schools and early learning centres to great effect, to encourage children to continue to follow Captain Active's example long after the show.

Captain Active will always interact with the audience after the show. There will be lots of high 5's, photos with families, answering of questions and encouragement for kids who tell Captain Active about their own active adventures. Captain Active also offers one hour Kids Class games sessions, Classroom Teacher Resource Kits, healthy educational workshops and training programs for community fitness providers. These are a great way to offer further value, benefits and positive outcomes for regional communities.