A spectacle of orchestral excellence livestreamed to your community

Queensland Symphony Orchestra brings a concert of thrilling and energetic music to your community's 'big screen. featuring world renowned violinist Guy Braunstein - the youngest violinist ever appointed to be concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic. He will perform as soloist and conductor in Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, one of the most beloved works for violin and orchestra.

This will be followed by exuberance on an even larger scale as we perform Dvořák’s 8th Symphony, a high-spirited spectacle of orchestral excellence.

Livestreamed from QPAC's acoustically superb Concert Hall, QSO is able to bring the powerful experience of 80 musicians performing on stage broadcasted to your community.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues

At Queensland Symphony Orchestra, we create experiences that become extraordinary when shared.

Powered by music, our passionate and talented team works hard on and off the stage to bring out the best in people, and share in a sense of wonderment and excitement that is truly for everyone to enjoy.

At our core, we believe we all have the power to enrich lives and this becomes true with every uplifting experience we deliver for our audiences, partners and supporters.

Our live performances are our greatest opportunity to share our passion and joy with as many people as possible we are more powerful when we all come together to deliver and appreciate the sound and excitement that surrounds music.

Sought out for our refreshing approach to time-honoured music and new discoveries, we are a group of talented individuals who become extraordinary when we unite, with each other and our audiences.

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Unique Selling Point

Queensland Symphony Orchestra livestreams offer audiences throughout Queensland the opportunity to experience the power of 80 musicians performing on stage within their local community. This broadcast event is adaptable to suit communities and venues and can showcase local talent prior to the broadcast beginning.

QSO offers comprehensive listening guides to take audiences with all levels of musical knowledge through the music performed on the livestream.

Marketing Materials

A comprehensive marketing kit including copy, imagery, poster design and templates, logos, video and more is available to communities and venues.

A listening guide will also be made available to communities and venues - these guides include where the orchestra sits, definitions of key words, children friendly notes on the music and the composers, listening guides for adults, information about the artists and more.