Bring your squad to BOSS SQAUD!

BOSS Squad has two Madhouse Circus acrobats and three artists from the Adelaide based Point & Flex Circus collaborating to produce a highly skilled, fast paced, dynamic, all female show. It’s our contribution to the current state of the world and feminist movements by doing what we do best: Circus. To the male dominated acrobatics we yell ‘We Can Do It Too!’ and fight for equality in all industries.

Boss Squad will not only be showcasing high-level circus skills in Teeterboard, Tumbling, Hula Hooping and Sideshow. We’ll also call out the cat callers, laugh at the ridiculous period myths and embrace our sexuality, as this is a celebration of what women can achieve, and how we can support each other in even the biggest and boldest of ventures.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performance contains: Sideshow, Course Language. Performances aspects require: Flat stage surface, 6 metre roof height clearance.

Point & Flex Circus is an award winning Australian contemporary circus and movement based ensemble that formed in 2013. With three shows in its repertoire the company has had many tours and career highlights in its short life. 3 Steps Ahead won ‘Best Emerging Circus Performer’ on their first and only tour to Melbourne Fringe in 2015. Temper has toured regionally and thrilled many audience members, while Betwixt was the first solo show from the company and featured the curiously dark and playful styling’s of Marina Gellmann.

In 2012, while studying full time at the National Institute of Circus Arts, 8 students developed Alice in the Madhouse. After touring Melbourne and Adelaide the company formed under the name Madhouse Circus. Since then and still during their time at NICA they developed a second show; Illuminate. Illuminate toured nationally throughout 2014/15. Upon graduation all cast members were highly sought after and are now performing with various companies such as acclaimed Casus, Circus Oz and Circa. In 2016 Madhouse Circus began preparations for their third full-length show.

BOSS Squad is the first collaboration of its kind for both companies involved but both companies believe the united force of women is unstoppable.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

We are bringing to light experiences, not just of women in circus, but of women in all industries and all walks of life. Every audience member is initiated into a much larger community of strong females. It’s called ‘Squad’ for a reason.

Marketing Materials

Current resources include: Professionally shot promotional images by Ian Sutherland. Professionally shot and edited footage of October 2018 Spiegeltent Season, by Underground Media. In-show images from October Speigeltent season from Brig Bee Photo and Daniel Rabin. In-show images from December 2018 Theatre season by Ian Sutherland. Poster Design editable for details of future seasons. Future and Planned resources: Social Media Trailer cut by Underground Media - ready by Feb 2019.

Community Engagement

We are particularly interested in working with and empowering women through circus workshops. In particular women going through hard times, mothers and daughters or adolescents ladies with anxiety or other needs requiring relaxed, low pressure environments. Workshops can be curated for groups of varying sizes and in a host of locations from large outdoor ovals to small indoor classrooms.

Our show already travels with circus equipment that can be used to teach women hula hooping, juggling, tumbling, partner balances and skipping. All of which encourage resilience and physical activity.

In the past Madhouse Circus has approached local schools, dance institutions and the home schooling community in order to run successful workshops alongside our performances. With this particular focus on marginalised women we would look to local councils and health services to better build participation.

Of course we would also love these women to see the performance for a reduced rate or entirely free of charge. The show was built out of a necessity to show the strength of women to the world, including to the women of the world who have forgotten just how mighty they are.