From the rainforest to the world arena. Henrietta Marrie realised on stage.

From the heart of Cairns Yidinji people comes the inspiring story of a courageous woman who set out to change the world! From the humble shores of the Aboriginal mission of Yarrabah, home to the Yidinji people in North Queensland all the way to the World Stage – BUKAL is the imagining of social justice warrior, traditional owner, elder, mother and Internationally recognised academic Henrietta Marrie’s extraordinary life realised on stage. As we travel from the Australian rainforest to Geneva and journey with an Australian woman who will stop at nothing to uncover injustice and return that which was stolen to its rightful place. Just like the spirit name that her grandfather spoke over the sacred fire, Bukal (black lawyer vine), she finds ways around the obstacles blocking her path. This is a story of resilience. Of passion that is ignited from the fire inside. Of great adventure. Never giving up…and most importantly of Connection. Henrietta Marrie (nee Fourmile) is a traditional owner and Elder of Cairns and is a powerful inspiration for young women, particularly young indigenous women. Henrietta received a 2014, 100 Women of Influence Award for her work in Public Policy at the Un.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Performance content is suitable for all ages. Very simple show technically. All technical elements must be in place, flashed, tested and ready to go prior to company arrival to ensure bump in and show of one day Is achievable.

JUTE's vision is of a world made richer through theatre! With over 20 years experience of producing almost exclusively new Australian works, JUTE has a reputation for excellent performances, stunning design and surprising new stories. 98% of our surveyed audience consistently rate the quality of our productions as good-excellent and state that they would recommend to their friends! Peers from 'down south' are often surprised by the quality of JUTE work. JUTE is a champion for regional theatre and can bring our vast knowledge of working in the regions to your centre.

JUTE is a jewel in the Australian theatre industry and its time for us to share this with the world!

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Unique Selling Point

This is the story of an Indigenous woman who changed the laws surrounding Indigenous copyright for all Indigenous people across the world. It is a unique story about an Indigenous Traditional Owner and Elder from far north Queensland who worked for the UN and made laws that changed the world. This is an inspirational Indigenous story receiving national attention.

Marketing Materials

All marketing completed for the show - marketing material can be found in the presenter pack and through this link -

Community Engagement

In each centre, the show will be performed in the school/community giving the young people an opportunity to see positive stories on stage. The artists will then remain in the school/community for 3-4 days where they will work with the young people to write, rehearse and perform their own aspirational stories of success back to their community. The project is integrated into the curriculum by DET, forming part of the assessment for students. This is a project that has the potential to change young lives in regional and remote Queensland, promote positive role models to remote Indigenous students, to promote positive stories of Indigenous lives and to place skills development and performance making at the centre of learning.