6 Men of culturally diverse walks of life unite through dance and projected film art.

RAW . VENERABLE . MEN CALLING TO BELONG! S.O.A D∆ NC3R performs a 30 minute new generation dance movement work to the raddest music out sharing culturally diverse men who have grown up in Australia. AWE MILL Gives you DANCE for the rebellious theatres, venues & music festivals.

Witness personal multicultural riches come together who’s blood lines travel all over the planet. S.O.A D∆NC3R is a culturally diverse dance company presenting many forms of contemporary, urban and world dances. In Calling to Belong the exciting new work by Creative Director Travers Ross (Awe Mill) uses structured freestyle dreaming with moments of choreography, blow up tricks and live film art projected that the fellas interact with when in the audience and on stage. The new world blokes are venerably brave and dancing through life. The debuted performance at Splendour in the Grass was quoted the favourite act by many of the participants that were lucky enough to witness! Festival 2018 Main stage Commonwealth Games on Surfers Paradise Beach was a whole other level and you will see in the trailer, it was very well loved by the Audience.

The Difference between a Man and a S.O.A is the man looks away.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Need a safe floor for break dancing. Its important having the three levels to the show. Stage, screen and Audience space. We climb the wall/ Barrier made between Audience and the Stage. We like the sound with Subs and Volume. Shirts do come off all the fellas through stages of the show sensitively related to cultural backgrounds and freeing the self.

The Awe Mill, designed by Travers Ross, is a creative venture and way of life. The Awe Mill Fam bam are stoked to have the knowledge to be different and truly believe that creating awe individually is the new rich. This shared philosophy is a message with in every part of the company: Entertainment, festivals, Events, Artistic direction, Choreography, Music, Creative arts and Culture, Film, Radio, Television, Apparel, Workshops and Multimedia. In addition to our shows and our artists, the following initiatives are also apart of our collective:

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

It has Men dancing from all parts of the world finding unity. Its very emotional, funny and has big modern urban tricks to wow you! The music is very cinematic and with the cameraman capturing moments unseen its like there is another whole story going on. The performers jump right into the audience and we really feel apart of it. Then I am looking up at the screen seeing other moments while the dancers are in the audience. Its really active. The performers are in amongst us then back on the stage. The cameraman even dances for a second.

Marketing Materials

We feel lack of connection in our streets and know that dance brings us together. We share all our cultures to help all people feel included no matter where they are from. Yet the one that brings us together is the one created on Down Under land, The Aboriginal culture. We cross all the cultural backgrounds with Contemporary and Modern Urban styles. African and Krump, Indian and House, Bogan and Breakin ect. We encourage and make it ok for all people to dance with discussions to brave up and be venerable.

Community Engagement

Dance workshops and Seminars.