A Cypher is hip hop’s most important ritual, the circle that happens at b*boy jams with dancers vying for the open space in the centre to dance their set one at a time. The space provides a rich source of language, tension, rivalry and communication. This new contemporary work draws on all these elements to create an artistically vibrant and original hip hop dance theatre piece.

The work features four high level b*boys (breakdancers) all of whom have won major international competitions, original music by Jack Prest shifts between sound design, hip hop beats and a pumping party atmosphere and a simple yet innovative lighting design by Mirabelle Wouters. While Cypher pushes the boundaries of the hip hop artform into a dance theatre framework it remains strongly rooted in the culture of hip hop, using it as it’s core tool of communication.

The audience shares the performance space with the dancers creating an intimate and immersive atmosphere. The boundaries between the performers and the audience shift during the piece and ultimately disappear. It is accessible, playful and challenging, coupling the raw spirit and energy of B*boying with strong, innovative and provocative choreography.

Venue Format
Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
6 (5 performers, 1 crew)

The performance requires a 11m x 11m performance space that is suitable for floor work.

Britt Guy is a producer, curator, community arts and youth worker who has worked across a range of agencies both nationally and internationally. Britt’s experience includes roles within not for profit organisations (Flying Arts, Youth Arts Qld, Metro Arts), festivals and events (Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Newcastle, Slovenia, Cambodia, Croatia) and local government (Brisbane, Logan and Darwin).

Britt is a facilitator of high quality creative community programming. She has specific in depth knowledge and experience in:

Emerging artist development and mentoring Regional and remote touring Experimental and emerging arts programming Site specific and pop up performance work and venues Events and programs for young people by young people Transcultural exchange and partnerships Festival programming and management Cultural research and strategy writing

Britt works with a number of leading Australian contemporary artists to support the development, presentation and touring of their work national and internationally. She has also initiated and manages Dance Satellite a curated program of high quality contemporary dance projects that engage regional audiences and local dance communities in the process and development of the work.

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Unique Selling Point

At the beginning of the work the audiences is asked to stay close to the white line, throughout the work the audience are moved into various configurations as the dancers rip up the existing line and lay new ones. At the beginning the audience feel as though they are privy to this unique ritual, peering into this world. As the boundaries shift the audience become part of the world; they are confronted, invited in, judged and respected, all through the language of b*boying, slowly deciphering the cypher.

Marketing Materials

There is existing marketing collateral and workshop plans for various demographics and age groups. There is also teacher's note in progress for existing 2015 presentations.

Community Engagement

Previous presentations had simultaneous community and audience engagement programs including workshops presented at schools, youth organisation and local dance companies and artists talks with local artists. At Darwin Festival a Block Party was programmed following the Saturday night show which attracted over 500 people who engaged with a curated program of performances by both Cypher and local b*boys. There are also opportunities for local hip hop dancers to perform during the work through an invitation the dancers provide during the piece, blurring the lines between performer and audience.