"Feeling monogamish?" Come under the covers and deep into the jungle of love with this sell-out show!

Feeling monogamish? Contemporary relationships are in a state of rapid flux, with many of us confessing to feeling a little disenchanted with the monogamy-based dogma we’ve been fed by society, religion and the media.

Award-winning actress and clown, Helen Cassidy, uses her comedy/cabaret show to take a long, hard, cross-eyed look at the complexities of intimate relationships. Exploring how we can get better at them, the myriad styles of multi-love and our true animal nature.

From a revealing ‘bed-time’ story of her early erotic awakenings, Helen delves head first into the jungle to explore our animal nature. She hosts a hilarious dating game, gets married, disenchanted and tries polyamory, gives birth and ultimately transforms the entire crowd into a giant loved up sing-a-long.

Blending story telling, dress-ups, song, puppetry, plushies and balloons into a scandalously layered trifle of love, lust and learning Helen creates the ultimate bonding session and ‘the biggest group “love-in” since John and Yoko’s back in the ’70s.’ (Cream Magazine)

This production is a jam-packed, silly, sexy, surprising journey and moves at a pace. Always 'naughty but nice' (Stage Whispers), Erotic Intelligence for Dummies is ultimately life and love-affirming.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Adult content Show works best in an intimate space 100 pax or under. Audience need to be seated close together. Decent sound system and fold back wedges preferred Helium Balloons are blown up for every show. Artist and technician require venue access at least 3 hours pre-show for every show.

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Unique Selling Point

  • This is a show about sex that's not too risque or scary for a general audience.
  • Helen has a warmth and generosity that engages her audiences swiftly, creating a safe space for them to express themselves and let go of (some) of their inhibitions.
  • Audience's emerge from the show transformed: a little liberated, smiling and more inter-connected.
  • There's intimate story telling, puppetry, a dating show, songs, dancing, costume changes, bear suits, marriage, a 'TED' talk, birth, group sing-a-longs and one climax of a huge group love-in where the entire audience are put under a sheet and we all 'cum' together.

Marketing Materials

  • marketing copy available
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Community Engagement

In addition to performing 'Erotic Intelligence for Dummies' Helen Cassidy is able to offer artist talks and run workshops in theatre , physical theatre and clown to local aspiring, amateur, emerging and professional artists. Ages 7 + . With or without performance outcomes? .Please contact us at Wilde Applause to discuss your ideas for your community and we will tailor a workshop / workshop series for you.