For Real is an improvised movement work by Dougal McLauchlan and Julieanne Bergmann. Grounded in performance improvisation, the work is a window into the artists’ dynamic exploration of the moving and present body and mind.

The odd pairing of the performers brings a thrilling edge of risk and adventure… Dougal - a trained gymnast, circus performer, athlete and theatre facilitator; and Julieanne - an experienced professional dancer.

Although they are diverse, they are the same. Two people, making decisions, being vulnerable, being real. Both human. Both making it up as they go along.

Audience members are encouraged to move about the space, as appropriate and safe, to enjoy the performance. Seating and assistance to be available for anyone in need.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
2 performers, 1 technician

Julieanne Bergmann and Dougal McLauchlan’s movement practice started without any expectation of an outcome. It was simply a no-strings-attached space to explore and be amused by their own humanness.

Dougal’s physicality is influenced by football, Cross Fit and gymnastics training. He is quite blokey which contrasts vividly against Julieanne’s professional dance, movement improvisation and yoga practice.

The partnership and practice quickly grew into something very fun that people wanted in on. And so the concept for their first improvised work together, For Real, was put into production and presented in Mackay to unexpected success and attendance. Their second work, Let, Please?, set in a squash court and opening for Anywhere Festival Mackay Isaac in March 2015, is a low-fi, fast-paced performance where winning isn't everything... unless you lose.

Dougal’s background in circus and as a community arts facilitator combined with Julieanne’s experience in dance across theatre, film and education brings a broad range of skills, quality and character to their artistic/production style. But most importantly, they’re almost always smiling and keeping it real.

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Unique Selling Point

The level of curiosity surrounding the premier of For Real in Mackay was remarkable. The element of risk was exciting for the audience. They were interested in how and if we could pull it off. Dougal’s blokey and ‘untrained’ background was intriguing for all. As was the opportunity to explore parts of a venue usually off limits. As such, this work could be suitable for back-of-house, dark stage or off-site public or commercial locations.

Marketing Materials

This work is a socially driven experience. As such, spending time connecting with locals and establishing a targeted social media campaign is a high priority for the artists. These activities will be scheduled and planned. Professionally designed print and online materials; media kit; and educators engagement materials for student workshops available.

Community Engagement

Structured improvisation workshops with secondary school students expands not only technical skills but also key themes of being present and stability in the face of the unknown. These topical themes were very well received by educators and their students in Mackay. Additional sessions could be scheduled with educators to explore improvisation in the choreographic process to leave a legacy of facilitation skills that teachers can use with students going forward. Post show Q&A session allows the opportunity to discuss non-traditional performance modes and broaden perceptions.