A fine example of Australian instrumental sounds for strings, clarinet, saxophone and piano. This IS music that is easy listening, thought evoking and most importantly entertaining. This music has already captured the hearts of people in regional communities and those less accustomed to concerts given by classical musicians.

In 2012 Collusion Music enchanted the people of Landsborough in regional Victoria with this concert of beautiful Australian art music, by gifted Australian composers.

For presenters and venues able to offer a good quality upright or grand piano the full force of the Collusion Music ensemble is available. They will perform as the core quartet (violin/viola, clarinet/saxophone, cello and piano), offering the music from their latest two CDs I Read The Old Dream Slowly (2012) and I Saw A Peacock With A Fiery Tail (2015).

This concert exposes Queensland communities to the quality of our own home-grown composers. The music is easy listening, charming and of the highest quality.

CDs featuring the music of this concert will also be available for sale, allowing venues or presenters to benefit from merchandising fees. Collusion Music members will be available for CD signings at the presenter/venue’s request.

Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
  • Four Musicians… is designed to be flexible in presentation modes. All lighting and staging can be done within the venue’s standard setup.
  • A good quality upright or grand piano tuned on the day of the concert is required.
  • This production can be installed, performed and bumped out within a standard technician’s call time (4 hours)
  • Amplification through venue’s sound system is preferred.
  • Playback and onstage foldback is required for Chalumeau Orbits backing track. (Can be cued by onstage musician.
  • This concert may be given in community venues, for retirement homes, and disability support community venues with minimal adjustment.

Collusion is an Australian fine art music and dance ensemble. Collusion’s cultural practice is underpinned by a respect for traditional art forms whilst contributing new perspectives through which to experience and enjoy fine art. Whilst this intersection of new and old sensibilities informs Collusion’s original compositions and choreography, the energy of the ensemble itself imparts heart, beauty, warmth and colour.

Collusion’s values balance excellence and inclusivity across its creative, commercial, educational and community-based projects. Collusion creates a magical world of imagination, engagement and immersion whether performing at cultural arts venues, for private events or in other community arts settings. Their diverse body of works offers programming suitable to audiences of all ages and cultural persuasions.

Company Website

Marketing Materials

  • Collusion Music has TV broadcast footage available. Recent shows at USQ Toowoomba have benefited from exposure on WIN TV.
  • Discography of three commercially available recordings available. Fourth disc to be released in 2015.
  • I read the old dream slowly continues on high rotation on ABC Classic FM. Notification of upcoming shows/tours increases broadcast frequency, along with radio presenters feature of events.
  • Presenter’s pack and Media Kit available upon request.
  • School’s workshop pack available.
  • High quality media (video and photography) available to presenters.
  • Focus on Queensland composers and musicians engages audiences keen to experience home-grown talent.

Community Engagement

Collusion Music offers an In-Schools music workshop package focussing on the music from TRIOs in a Folk Style. This package closely relates to Queensland Curriculum objectives for Primary and Secondary schools in music and dance, and can be presented in the performance venue, or on-site at participating schools.

Building on their ongoing relationship with Alara Disability Services in Ipswich, Collusion Music offers the opportunity to perform at community events at retirement homes and disability support venues in conjunction with this tour.

Community/school age workshops available in: Instrumental woodwind music with Queensland Conservatorium Woodwind lecturer Diana Tolmie. From basic techniques to advance performance practices, this age appropriate workshop encourages the joy of woodwind instruments to participants, and supports teacher's efforts to encourage correct technical development.

Stringed instrument workshops with Benjamin Greaves and Danielle Bentley. From basic techniques to advance performance practices, this age appropriate workshop encourages the joy of stringed instruments and chamber music to participants, and supports teacher's efforts to encourage correct technical development.