Three rocking mamas. One rocking show.

Funny Mummies is a stand-up comedy show performed by mothers for mothers.

Three mama comedians present a mothering themed stand-up show, allowing and encouraging the audience to laugh at their own stories of the shit parts of parenthood, tales of epic mothering fails and ever-relatable domestic dramas.

"The show was packed to the rafters with women, the line-up of mother comedians was fantastic and everybody had a wonderful time!" Sam Jockel, Founder of School Mum and ParentTV

As a stand-up comedy show, this is a production of technical simplicity, which promotes the coming together of a community of like-minded mothers to experience some much needed comic relief from the stress of day-to-day parenting.

"Congratulations on an awesome show...the atmosphere was electric." Fedele Cristi, Sit Down Comedy Club

This show is more than just a good laugh: we hope that it allows mothers to improve their bond with each other through shared catharsis. We want them to bring their friends, their family, their own the hope that by sharing this experience together they'll be inspired and encouraged to share more with each other and remind each other how to turn their own moments of failure and exhaustion into laughter.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performances contain adult content.

Very basic set-up for stand-up comedy.

Has been successfully presented as women only Ladies Night or as an all access show.

Funny Mummies is the creation of award-winning comedian Jenny Wynter. As a comedian and mother of six (three of her own plus three bonus kids), Jenny fuels her parenting pitfalls into her performances and is passionate about producing comic relief for mothers, by mothers!

Jenny has been a professional comedian for over a decade and has trained in improvised comedy in North America with Second City, Loose Moose Theatre and has performed at festivals and venues all over the world.

She won the ABC iView Pitch Perfect Award for her web series concept "Viking Mama!" (based on her live show of the same name), Best Variety Show at United Solo Festival NYC, the Award for Excellence in Cabaret at Melbourne Fringe and is a Green Room Award nominee for Best Cabaret Writing.

Her debut web series "How Me Parent Good: And You Can Too!" won Best Conceptual Web Series at the Palm Springs International Comedy Festival, Best Web Series at the Worldwide Women Film Festival and the AusMumpreneur Big Idea Award.

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Unique Selling Point

Funny Mummies allows the audience to see themselves reflected on the stage, as mother performers share hilarious insights and stories through the fourth wall. The show is truly by mothers, for mothers.

Mothers can be a very overlooked portion in the arts: both onstage and off. This show aims to redress that imbalance and create a safe and celebratory space where performers and audience can bond together in a shared experience of hilarity. We want to create the feeling of an irreverent, at times inappropriate, mothers' group on a night out!

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"Funny Mummy" book by Jenny Wynter;

As word of mouth is so powerful amongst mothers, we recommend targeted distribution of promotional materials e.g. to playgroups/mothers' groups/C&Ks, etc.

Community Engagement

Story-sharing sessions - where the comedians host an informal story-sharing circle, encouraging mothers to share their own experiences (not necessarily funny) with each other. This can be as structured as needed, offering storytelling guidance, or just facilitating sharing.

Writing with humour workshops - via local writers/arts groups. Comedians are available to run workshops on injecting humour into your writing and/or how to generate material and structure jokes. This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in writing to access writing techniques which they can continue to incorporate into their work afterwards.

Invitation to aspiring mother comedians - With no pressure (as we understand that stand-up is terrifying to many!) we invite any aspiring comics - through the other workshops - to try their hand at a short spot in the Funny Mummies show! We will nurture and support them with a rockstar welcome to encourage participation in a moment that will be the talk of their town.

Babes in Arms Matinees - The opportunity for parents and babies to get to a comedy show at a more convenient time, where nobody minds a bit of disruption. Sessions are quieter, with gentle lighting, and the understanding that parents need to get up and walk around.