A Sea Voyage | A Tragedy | A Love Story. Ticonderoga entered the heads like a ghost ship. The rest is history.

The Ticonderoga was a handsome clipper ship with a nightmare hidden in its holds. A story almost lost, this is a true moment of Australian maritime folklore. Travel the themes of family, of grit and of courage.

On the back of his successful FLAK tour, writer/performer Michael Veitch has created another one-man show, based on a dramatic, yet now-forgotten saga from Australia's early history.

In late 1852, the clipper, Ticonderoga entered Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay after a hellish three-month voyage from Liverpool, her 800 mainly Scots Highland passengers wracked with Typhus. Nearly a quarter had perished at sea.

Primarily Michael will tell this story as the young surgeon, now older, looking back to this most dramatic chapter of his life. Why? That young man happens to have been Veitch's great, great grandfather, James William Henry Veitch.

"Hell Ship is our story, a piece of Australian history that will resonate with many. For me, it's also a love story, both of place and of people. My family were borne of this tragedy. It's a voyage of courage and like so many that this country is founded on, we need to hear those stories more."

For Michael, this is a very personal story.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
1 performer, 1 Lighting tech.

Appeals to all ages; audio-visual component; no major or complicated technical requirements. Projection desirable

Chester Creative has come out of successful creative collaborations between Michael Veitch & Brook Powell. Focused on original work and vibrant partnerships, this team brings creatives, marketing and production altogether in one company.

Chester Creative produces theatrical work to tour and runs workshops in the areas of arts, digital marketing, change management, storytelling and writing skills. Our workshops can be tailored to suit community groups, school groups, arts and writers festivals.

Mystery In The Air (www.mysteryintheair.com) completed a successful tour with Regional Arts Victoria in September 2017 and we will be touring Hell Ship - the journey of the Ticonderoga in 2018. FLAK will be taken to regional Victoria in April 2018 and we have other works in development.

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Unique Selling Point

It's a true story delivered by a descendant of the main character. That actor/writer is Michael Veitch who also holds a strong media presence that can be utilised to leverage interest.

The dramatic appeal of the story is emphasised by the personal connection Veitch has to the main character: his own great-great grandfather who was the Ticonderoga's surgeon and the figure around which the story revolves.

Hell Ship addresses the explosion of interest in family histories and our desires, both individual and collective, for better understanding our sense of 'place'.

This is Australian history come to life.

Marketing Materials

Hell Ship has a substantial 2018 Victorian tour booked through RAV, a book of the same name published by Allen & Unwin, released Aug 18 2018 and a CD arranged and performed by Thomas Veitch released September 2018. (venues would be sent a copy of CD)

Marketing Package would include:
• Generic Press Release, web copy & social media copy • Professional images • Poster templates • Ticonderoga Promo: approx 60secs + 20secs • Digital assets include actively managed social media and website: www.hellshipticonderoga.com

A known media personality Michael has broad appeal and strong connections leveraged pre and during tour. National radio and television secured for both the play and the book.

Community Engagement

Michael has written 7 books all of which tell the stories of our largely unsung historical heroes. He would be available to do: • Radio interviews • School and library visits with production excerpts - either history / English / drama focus • Michael will be available to meet post-show. His unique personal connection to this story and recent well-received tour of FLAK has laid strong foundations in the minds of the theatre-going public. FLAK's post-show proved to be an extremely satisfying activity. Audiences engage to discuss their own heritage and stories whilst asking about Michael's.

Michael has given successful talks and workshops for communities under the following headings:

How to write a family history. The story behind the facts • This workshop aims at assisting create 'story' from the facts of historical learnings.

Interview techniques. Discover the story you never knew was there • This workshop discusses methods to find the true stories - not those we assume exist.

From Story To Stage • How do you write (or re-write) your story to go live on stage? What elements do you need to include and what stays on the page

Chester Creative would supply resources for digital activity that could be used for social posts, competitions and interaction ideas.