Sing and dance and love and laugh with Humphrey and his friends as they celebrate all Australians, old and new.

The magical and fun-loving Humphrey B. Bear has just arrived home after travelling the world, and, of course, the magical realm. He’s been a busy bear, making new friends, learning new languages (even sign language!), and other fun stuff that he can’t wait to share with you. He’s even brought back with him a few of his new friends (who magically became puppets so they could fit into his suitcase) for you to meet. Let’s all sing and dance and love and laugh along with Humphrey and his friends as they celebrate all Australians, old and new.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This show has been designed so that it can be enjoyed using available lighting, with sets that are scalable to suit the majority of venues including the smallest, most intimate ones. Larger venues may wish to offer more elaborate lighting, and we would be happy to discuss this with you. Humphrey merchandise has proven popular and would offer a commission to the presenter. We look forward to discussing reduced rates for marginalised communities that might not normally be able to afford to see a show, or where a presenter is giving all proceeds to a recognised charity.

Humphrey B. Bear Entertainment is a ‘Profit for Purpose’ brand managed by OZPIX Entertainment and is dedicated to doing great things with, and for kids, families, and communities.

While Humphrey loves to entertain, he ’s always loved helping others feel great and to do great things with like-minded entertainment, corporate, community and charitable entities. OZPIX Entertainment partners with various entertainment companies and creatives who have many decades worth of entertainment industry experience. We love making great entertainment and have fun doing it.

OZPIX has teamed up with LightUp to get Humphrey out in the community doing what he does best–making people smile, sharing things he's learned, and letting people know that he loves them for who they are. Humphrey’s Australia with One Heart is just the beginning.

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Unique Selling Point

Australia's most loved, Logie award-winning, national icon, Humphrey B. Bear takes you on an interactive, heart-warming journey, exploring all cultures in Australia–indigenous, immigrant and refugee peoples and their descendants.

Using upbeat music, catchy lyrics and wonderful harmonies, the show engages and empowers audiences to see racial, cultural and other differences as qualities to be accepted, embraced and celebrated.

Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents alike will delight in being able to share their love of Humphrey with their families. Thanks to social media, they can bring their kids up-to-speed on their favourite bear before the show!

Marketing Materials

Extensive marketing collateral including marketing copy, print material templates, digital assets, images, promo footage, colouring books, songs etc., as well as professionally produced commercials and teasers. Whenever possible, Humphrey would love to visit local hospitals, aged care facilities and special needs people that might not otherwise be able to come to the show. He would also love to do guest appearances on local TV/Radio prior to the show. Inclusion on Humphrey's social media, including his Facebook page: We will also provide a number of community engagement opportunities. Mapping to Australian National Curriculum will be provided.

Community Engagement

Humphrey B. Bear’s Australia With One Heart is all about community, so Humphrey encourages kids, families, schools and communities to work together to create something multicultural to enhance the local show. It may be items that can line the entrance/foyer, cover the walls of the venue, or be performed prior to the show.

ANYTHING (tasteful) would be fair game, including but not limited to, Dance, Poems, Songs, Video/Animation, Murals, Paintings, Collages, or any other creative art form. All of which can be put uploaded to Humphrey’s social media pages.

We can also provide lyrics, music and dance moves for one or more of the show’s routines. The local community may wish to have talent quests where the community's chosen winner gets to perform their version of the routine on stage with Humphrey and his friends.

We can also provide the script for a version of the show that could be performed locally to help strengthen the community, increase individual self-worth, and spread the message that difference can be something to be treasured.