A humongous Hill’s Hoist provides the perfect stage for a ridiculous show that brings out the inner child in everyone.

“Hilda” the circus grade Hills Hoist takes centre stage and lends her frame to a host of imaginative scenarios as Eddie & Eliza take you on a journey to discover the REAL story behind this iconic invention.

Eddie & Eliza’s hospitality will have you in stitches as you join them under the Hill’s Hoist. Serving up some Aussie folk lore at its finest, this pair will take you on a ride back to a simpler time featuring live music, comedy, a dash of circus and improvised scenes from their guests suggestions. This uplifting show will bring out the inner child in everyone reminding us all that it's OK to be silly and it's OK to have a laugh. ​ This all ages show is ideal for captivating a broad audience. ‘Hilda’ the Hill’s Hoist is perfect for an outdoor event and its big bold presence in a public space will draw a crowd. This production has many levels of community engagement options and these can be found in our Marketing & Engagement.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
A, B, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This production is designed to be performed on the Hill's Hoist rig.
The rig is free standing but requires height clearance of 7m and a level surface of 8m diameter. More info in technical aspects document. The show can be adapted for an indoor venue, but the Hill's Hoist would only be able to be installed if there is enough room (we're working on other rigging methods!) Kerbside provides all production equipment included in fees.

Kerbside Collective exists to engage everyday people in accessible art that lives outside the walls of a theatre and connects us all.
​ We create shows that are full of heart and fun - Festival Shows & Interactive Community Spaces. Kerbside has a passion for connecting community and sharing stories, finding the joy in the everyday and most of all being silly and having a laugh again!
​ In “Vinnie” our House Truck built from recycled bits from the Darwin Tip Shop, we travel Australia collecting and sharing extraordinary tales from everyday people. We also love creating from recycled materials - at Kerbside we invite you to put down your phone, put your adult complexities in your back pocket and use your imagination again. ​ With over 10 years experience in performing, community arts and design builds, we are always eager to create something unique for your community, from productions, community engagement, workshops and artistic builds.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

It's interactive, it's big, it's bold, it’s colourful and it's a hilarious performance and installation for all ages that everyone can engage with. Our beefed up Hill’s Hoist is a free standing rig perfect for outdoor spaces and public events.

Engaging comedy audiences and anyone who likes Monty Python, Hey Hey it’s Saturday, whimsical circus, puns, bad dad jokes and reminiscing of simpler childhoods. Live loop pedal music and junk percussion draws the audience into the performance space and releases them with a smile on their face and a new energy to go back into the world.

Marketing Materials

Kerbside will provide

  • High resolution images for art work, posters and press ads
  • Press Kits - media releases, company bio’s, reviews and testimonials, publicity photographs
  • Artists available for interviews and other media requests (eg songs from the show)
  • Marketing and promotion support for the tour including advertising through social media and support with creation of online content for marketing campaigns
  • Musical content (film clips etc) to provide audiences with a taste of the show

Community Engagement

Kerbside’s artists are skilled in performance, play, circus, music and creating ridiculous things out of everyday objects. A key aspect of our show is that all our props and costumes are made out of recycled materials. We aim to leave a sense of joy in the everyday and celebrate the individuals that make up each unique community.

Our two most popular workshops are: Social Circus: Explore and learn circus skills in a fun and safe environment. The workshops have a focus on expression and creativity, self esteem and social collaboration. We celebrate diversity and individuality alongside community and collaboration.

Upcycling: Kerbside will forage with participants and tip out our collection of trash and treasures to facilitate creating weird wacky and wonderful creatures and creations out of everyday materials.

Community Stories: Kerbside has been collecting stories from across the country, connecting communities and celebrating the everyday stories that are the backbone of our society. Holding storytelling workshops with community members, these stories are captured on film and edited together in a short documentary that is projected onto our Hill’s Hoist under the stars. A film that can remain with the community.