Barbod Valadi combines the delicacy and mysticism of Iranian musical traditions with the experimentation and sophisticated sounds of Jazz. Two seemingly syncretic traditions in a meld of microtones, strong rhythms, and jazz modes give this group an edgy vibe. Barbod brings you to a meeting of cultures on a Persian carpet of sound. Get on and take the ride.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
1 musician, 1 tour manager

1 foldback 1 chairs 1 vocal music 1 instrumental mics

Persian Instrumentalist (Tar and Setar) Barbod Valadi was born in Tehran, Iran, in 2010, He moved to Australia to study Bachelor of Music in Queensland conservatoruim. Since, He introduced Iranian Traditional Music to Australian audience and played in many festival such as Ethno Roadshow 2015, Woodford and Palm Creek.

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Unique Selling Point

Barbod Valadi is exploring a genre of music that is, to our knowledge, completely new – a hybrid fusion of traditional Persian music and modern jazz. His audience is not limited by traditional genre boundaries; our work contains familiar elements for people connected to many different backgrounds and music. Audiences appreciative of jazz and world music have found Jazzab's music appealing - generally as a challenging new approach in the context of familiar settings, such as festivals and concerts. Other musicians have expressed their appreciation for Jazzab's ambitions, and continually offer support for our music in their respective professional and social circles.

Marketing Materials

Jazzab's social networks bring many audience to our shows. Website:

Community Engagement

Local Iranian Connections To a large degree, we seek connections from within local Iranian communities to make sure they are aware of the groups presence and can link with local community activities.

Workshops and Masterclasses The nature of our ambition to expand musical boundaries also means that communities will be offered the opportunity to explore new musical directions through a variety of workshop and masterclass options.

Post show discussions After each performance audiences will be offered the chance to explore the musicians instruments and discuss the fusion of traditional Persian music and jazz.