Songs of the bush, backyard and balcony

Our Place explores the ever-changing relationship between neighbours and our connection to place framed by innovative visual design and interactive technology. Featuring acclaimed didjeribone performer Tjupurru, DeepBlue and Digi Youth Arts actors, dancers and artists this is a unique collaboration; an insightful piece of living, breathing art. With lush strings, fat beats and immersive visuals, ​Our Place weaves stories from the Indigenous connection to country, to the suburban ‘Australian Dream,’ to the rising popularity of inner-city apartment living in an astounding musical and artistic collaboration.

Immersive visuals illustrate the shows three very different movements; the Bush, Backyard and Balcony. To enhance interactivity, the Electronic Show Programme (ESP), delivers real-time information about the production and enables a dialogue between the performers and audience. Audience members respond to questions about each stage of the show and a selection of the responses are displayed in real-time as part of the production’s visuals.

Tjupurru, who creates incredible soundscapes using digeribone, a unique marriage of the didgeridoo and trombone, looping and effects pedals has been a huge part of shaping the show, as has Alethea Beetson, script writer and DYA creative director.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
11 DeepBlue musicians, 4 Digi Youth Arts actors/dancers, 3 crew

Family content. A projector is required. Projection surface can be a screen or the back wall of the theatre. It is also assumed that the venue will have a 16 channel PA and mixing desk.

DeepBlue, the orchestra unleashed, comprises strings, electronics and physical theatre amplified and magnified by video and interactivity. The group combine lush strings with big beats and rock ‘n’ roll and the performers’ exquisite playing, precision moves and physical antics are guaranteed to enthral audiences.

Since 2008 DeepBlue have received huge exposure through their live performances and TV appearances across the country, and at massive festivals in India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. DeepBlue’s last three Australian seasons sold out. DeepBlue were finalists in one of the highest rated episodes of Australia’s Got Talent and won the Australian Performing Arts Centre Association's Drover Award for Excellent Audience Response. DeepBlue have developed five shows, four CDs, one DVD and completed nine international and national tours.

Tjupurru captivates with his innovative songs and sound-scapes that blend elements of the traditional with contemporary, using a combination of masterful sequencing and sampling technologies along with traditional instruments and live organic sounds.

Digi Youth Arts is a highly successful organisation that shares the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. Through socially and politically engaged arts practice, Digi Youth Arts continues culture by encouraging, documenting and sharing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories.

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Unique Selling Point

As well as presenting an engaging mix of both original contemporary classical works and popular contemporary music, attracting a conventional theatre audience, Our Place engages:

  • a younger audience through the show's environmental and wearable tangible media, interactive and immersive visuals and contemporary repertoire;
  • an Indigenous audience through the production's indigenous theme and DYA workshops;
  • an older audience through the community choir's participation in the ChoralBlue program; and
  • and a young family audience through string students' participation in the YoungBlue program.

Marketing Materials

An extensive collection of marketing resources will be provided including a media release, poster & DL Flyer templates (featuring artwork by Indigenous artist Kane Brunjes), photos, 6 x broadcast-quality behind-the-scenes videos, and YoungBlue and ChoralBlue workshop packs.

YoungBlue and ChoralBlue programs have been very effective in selling tickets as participants are contacted well in advance and their family and friends are keen to see them perform in the show. These activities also make a great story for local media.

DeepBlue, Tjupurru and DYA have toured regional Queensland extensively and have kept in touch via regular emails, and received many requests to return.

Community Engagement

Our Place will engage with the following communities well in advance of the tour: Young indigenous people- through DYA workshops that will be customised on a community needs basis Young string students - through the YoungBlue program Local choirs - through the ChoralBlue program

Young indigenous performers, young musicians and local choirs participate in three separate workshops on the day of the show to develop a unique performance opportunity on the night of the show. In the lead-up to the tour, music is sent to key local music educators and choir leaders who help teach the piece to their students/choir. Thus participants come prepared to work on the creativity and choreography of their performance. This is an opportunity for local musicians to perform with an internationally touring cast. Feedback from many of the string participants across Australia, Asia and the US, regularly confirms the experience revolutionises their attitude to performing and playing their instrument.

The audience is also engaged with in the following ways: • Audience participation through the Electronic Show Programme (ESP) - some responses become part of the visuals • Performing in-amongst the crowd during the show • Spontaneous acoustic entertainment during interval • Performer meet-and-greet after the show.