It's 2067, Australia first Aboriginal President had made plans for the day, time travel wasn't one of them.

A humorous story, brimming with Aboriginal vernacular and optimism, about how things are, what they could be and the importance of remembering your roots.

Paul Toppy, is your everyday Aboriginal President of Australia. The problem is Paul doesn’t know much about being Aboriginal. All that changes, however, when, one day, while on the election trail, Paul steps onto country.

Paul is flung back to 2014, where disgruntled, and not to mention highly inconvenienced, he happens on a family of not-quite-so-tall (obviously unrelated) Toppys, who welcome this new (obviously crazy) Toppy into their home and their lives. During his time with the Toppy Clan, Paul starts to question his beliefs about family and identity, and begins to discover the true meaning of success, while the family learn what might be achieved when hope is not lost.

Oliver’s dialogue crackles with black humour and hope.

In the tradition of ‘Bran Nue Dae’, ‘The Sapphires’, ‘Redfern Now’ and ‘Mabo’, ‘Proppa Solid joins a rapidly growing genre of contemporary Aboriginal story-telling which has an irresistibly wide appeal.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
5 people - including 3 performers, 1 stage manager and 1 backstage crew/tour manager

The show was built to tour to schools as well as presenting venues.

JUTE's vision is of a world made richer through theatre! With over 20 years experience of producing almost exclusively new Australian works, JUTE has a reputation for excellent performances, stunning design and surprising new stories. 98% of our surveyed audience consistently rate the quality of our productions as good-excellent and state that they would recommend to their friends! Peers from 'down south' are often surprised by the quality of JUTE work. JUTE is a champion for regional theatre and can bring our vast knowledge of working in the regions to your centre.

JUTE is a jewel in the Australian theatre industry and its time for us to share this with the world!

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Unique Selling Point

This is Indigenous storytelling at its best. It is an aspirational story about the first Aboriginal President of Australia. The show has huge heart, a small cast, an authentic Aboriginal voice and an insight into a deadly Indigenous family.
In a world where most stories about Indigenous people are not positive, this new work shows the other side of a strong Indigenous family and a future Aboriginal leader of our country.

Marketing Materials

Media releases, company bio and product photos are included in the sell-off. Handbills and posters are available but charged at additional cost. Enewsletter (5000+ emails), Social Media, Videos (1000+ views), Banners on highways, newspapers ads, Event listing websites, Cross promotion with local events, Strong publicity through newspapers editorial Several radio interviews (ABC, Indigenous and commercial stations), Flyers & Posters distribution around town in coffee shops, restaurants, shopping centres etc, Flyers in hotels and tour desks Social Clubs and Fundraising Organisations, Cairns Chamber of Commerce Chamber, Hospital social groups, High Schools Drama teachers database.

Community Engagement

This production brought the largest Indigenous audience to the theatre that we have seen. There was an incredible sense of the Indigenous community 'ownership' of this show, with a recognition that it was telling their story in a positive light. The legacy in this community has been pride in positive stories being seen on the main stage. For the non-Indigenous audience, it provided an insight into Indigenous family life, again in a positive light. The feedback form both Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences was exceptionally positive.

Cast are available for press calls, sponsor talks, school workshops and master classes. Workshops are listed in Presenter Pack.