Enter the Library to discover a magical world, a celebration of books and the journeys they take us on.

In this immersive production, audiences enter The Lost Lending Library to discover a magical world, a celebration of books and the journeys they take us on.

The project can take place in one or two contexts.

  • In primary schools, for every student and teacher.
  • In addition to schools delivery, in an Arts Centre or other suitable space, for a general public audience,

At 314 floors high and with 72 spiral side departments, The Lost Lending Library is the largest collection of books in the world. The Library leaps from place to place, arriving where it knows it can find the most precious books of all time: new stories written by young apprentices.

A freelance librarian arrives at a primary school to ask children what their favourite books are and imagine what their dream libraries might look like. A shared love of stories, an intriguing book about a magical library and the discovery of a strange locked book leads to the mysterious arrival of The Lost Lending Library.

The Lost Lending Library is created by Punchdrunk (UK) and produced in Australia by Imaginary Theatre,

Imaginary Theatre are Queensland's leading creators of art and arts experiences for children and their communities.

Imaginary engage children and adults in contemporary multi-art form experiences that excite imaginations, inspire creative responses, & empower children to collaboratively think, make & do as key contributors to their communities. Over 180,000 people have seen or participated in Imaginary projects since 2006 in Queensland, nationally, & internationally.

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Unique Selling Point

Charlie Timms wrote in his 2016 review of Punchdrunk's 'Enrichment' works:

"The secretly-built installations which feature at the heart of so many Punchdrunk Enrichment projects are effectively giant wrapped presents which can be walked, climbed or crawled into."

The Lost Lending Library aims to improve students reading, writing and speaking; inspiring and motivating children by tasking them to write stories for a magical library that travels the world collecting stories and appears in their school.

Teachers receive and Professional Development session at the end of the project to reflect on immersive learning techniques and develop their own approaches for future use.

Marketing Materials

This project is delivered locally by engaging schools via direct approach. Imaginary will work with local partners to engage schools. Information packs, and most importantly, a compelling documentary video are available to support this engagement.

Schools are never lacking in enthusiasm when they learn what The Lost Lending Library has to offer.

In 2018, Ray Mcconnel, principal at Caningeraba State School said the project:

“This project is something that the children at our school, the students and their families will remember for a very long time. It will be the single most special moment of their schooling life”.

Community Engagement

The Lost Lending Library is, in itself, a community engagement project aimed at bolstering literacy and inspiring awe and wonder in students, engaging the whole school community. It is also a professional development project for educators, with participating teachers co-delivering the project and sharing in the innovative creative learning practice developed by Punchdrunk.

The Lost Lending Library aims to:

  • Create an experience of awe and wonder for children, teachers and the school community through an unforgettable narrative that unfolds over the course of three weeks
  • Encourage a love of books, reading and libraries
  • Develop literacy skills
  • Inspire oracy
  • Develop teacher creativity in the classroom through sharing Punchdrunk’s immersive learning techniques with teaching staff

Each participating school receives:

  • A period of detailed planning and project management
  • Teacher training for every staff member on making the most of the project and continuing its legacy
  • 2 workshops per class, on books and story writing
  • A professional set and design installation
  • A magical immersive experience in the Library for every pupil, teacher and some parents
  • Further time in the Library for teachers to deliver their own content
  • A gold library card for every child to remember the Library by, and legacy assets