The Gymnasium for the Imagination

Everyone is blessed with a bright and vivid imagination, but when we don’t exercise it we can lose some of our childlike spark. The Drama Merchant’s Imaginasium will take audiences back to the 1930’s where, as part of the studio audience, they are waiting for Treasure Island to be performed “live on the air” but there appears to be a hiccup!

Due to a movie studio, who will remain nameless, all his cast and crew have been taken from him at the last minute for re-shoots of the studios latest film. But the show must go to air! So, taking on various roles The Drama Merchant will also ask anyone in the studio audience to participate as various characters and Sound effect operators, whilst throwing in a couple of games, to inspire their imagination before the show goes “Live”.

This immersive & interactive retro audio experience encourages participants to leave judgment at the door, embrace their inner child and be part of a unique theatrical experience & ensuring shenanigans as everyday objects are transformed into thrilling sound effects or costume pieces, that will have them seeing the world through creative eyes and removing the limits of their own imagination.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The Drama Merchant’s is a travelling salesman, whose product is inspiring creativity and the imagination with unique, immersive & interactive theatre pieces set anywhere but on a stage and delivered from suitcases, along with workshops designed with the belief that creativity is skill that can be learned, nurtured and practiced in every day life to help people build greater confidence and freedom in their life. We want to give everyone a chance to shine and pursue his or her own creative goals!

Starting in 2016, as Nathan Schulz presents, and adopting the premise that theatre can be performed anywhere but on a stage with the immersive and interactive ghost story "The Curiosity Experiment", which toured the Anywhere Festival festival -Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festival, and followed it up with the infamous radio broadcast of ‘War of the Worlds’ set in a cafe & a romantic comedy called 2 Across set on a 1950's Brisbane Tram; Nathan Schulz presents became The Drama Merchant in 2018 and called the its theatre "The Imaginasium" that also includes its own Radioplay Theatre called "The Radioplay Hour".

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Unique Selling Point

The Radioplay element of the show will appeal to audience’s young and old because it brings generations together. Having performed various Radio play's on the Gold Coast we have seen many grandparents bring their grandchildren to share the experience of what it was like growing up without Television and Internet.

The Drama Merchant’s Imaginasium is not only a gymnasium for the imagination that allows audience’s young and old the chance to remove the limits of their own imagination but also creates challenging shows that allow audiences to be immersed in the experience and taking an active part in the show.

Marketing Materials

*Will create an extra page on my website:

  • Actively run social media channels of tour
  • Create an excellent photo library
  • Video & sound content of the “The Radioplay Hour”, “What if…?” & “Whose suitcase is it?” games for promo footage • Reviews - from media & audience
  • Posters can be put together for venues Filming of Radioplay “Advert”, will also be used to interest people in the concept and will be placed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and possibly local Television. Will also be performed locally and entered into Fringe Festivals for 2019 to gain reviews & feedback

Community Engagement

The Drama Merchant believes Creativity is a skill that can be learned, nurtured and involved in every day activities which will help a person accept how truly unique they are in the world. Workshops can cater up to 30 participants and have a big emphasis on creative play. They are also involved in the show, and can be considered a rehearsal for anyone who wishes to jump up onstage and help the drama merchant perform his radioplay either as an actor or sound effect artist. We offer a discount to participants of the workshops to come see the show!

Workshops include: "The Golden Age of Radio" – Working with The Drama Merchant in this mini radioplay workshop, creative thinking, team work and the imagination will be inspired as participants will be asked to perform sounds and characters from a sequence of Treasure Island.

“Who’s suitcase is it?” & “What if?” are two powerful drama games that engages the participants cognitive skills & allows them to explore the lives of other people by remembering & imitating actions, feelings and words that they’ve seen or heard. Their imagination is given free reign and there is no limit to who, where, or what they or an object can