This beautiful new work of puppetry delights children of all ages with a story of longing and companionship.

On a rocky outcrop facing the sea a Lighthouse, a Keeper, and his wife the Fisherwoman live a wonderful life in the open air, with the fish, the birds, and the changing seasons. Until the Fisherwoman is taken by a storm. The Lighthouse and the Keeper feel devastated. They tried so hard and still they failed! They grieve. The old man grows lonely, solitary, and cranky. Then two young Fisher-folk move in just down the shore. They are foolish and funny. The Keeper stays away. The young ones laugh, tease one another, work but not too hard, every day is filled with joy – until a storm sweeps one of them away. The Lighthouse, remembering what happened before, uses all her power, and a bit of magic, to save the day. The Keeper feels so relieved, and so proud of his Lighthouse, that he reaches out to the young people with open arms. Together they rejoice. With newfound friends, the Keeper’s life is transformed.

The Last Lighthouse Keeper has been created to emphasize resilience and the power of friendship. Humour counterpoints the real moments of sadness, with music, puppetry, visuals and live performance.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This is a very flexible production that is easily managed by the performers that take responsibility for bumping in and bumping out.

Founded in 1993, Black Hole Theatre (BHT) is an independent company that develops and presents puppetry and cross-art form performance in collaboration with artists from every field. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Nancy Black, BHT also facilitates the work of emerging artists, provides skill development opportunities, contributes to the evolution of contemporary puppetry, and collaborates with local and international artists and companies.

BHT is renowned for its innovative, cutting edge productions. They include: 1995 And the Ass Saw the Angel, 2003/04 Caravan (European tour), 2008 Coop (multi Green Room awards), 2011 Lost in Tranzit, 2012 Hutch, 2014 Into the Black Hole, 2015 Where the Wild Things Sing, 2015-16 Les Meduses (international tour), 2015-18 Blind(international tour), 2017 The book of Revelations. 2018 saw the development of The Line, an international co- production involving Irish artists, First Nations artists from Tasmania and non-Indigenous Australians, the highly successful presentation of Blind in NYC, and the development of The Last Lighthouse Keeper. Since 2012 BHT has produced ten innovative PUPPET SLAMS in regional and metropolitan venues, a vehicle for local artists and developing audiences.

In 2014 BHT initiated an Australia Council funded sector development program called Fermenting Change. It included workshops, developmental clinics, international networking and performance opportunities.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

  1. Wonderful story told without dialogue - it can be understood across cultures.
  2. It's both moving and funny.
  3. It's visually enticing. Very beautiful.
  4. The performers interact in gentle and fun ways with the children.
  5. Great original music
  6. Can be presented in non-theatre spaces

Marketing Materials

Sophisticated and engaging marketing materials will be created at the end of our premier performance as part of the Yarra City Library Tour in September 2019.

We will have a promo video, images, and print templates that will be available in November 2019 for a 2020 tour.

Community Engagement

This show is for families and very young children. The performers can offer workshops in puppetry and storytelling with found objects. These workshops will build skills and spark the imagination and creativity of the participants.