You’re invited into a giant green boat to help our loveable couple cast off on a magical adventure.

This reimagining of Edward Lear’s beloved childhood poem is an enchanting, intimate and high quality musical experience. Inside a giant pea green boat and immersive landscape, this charming children’s work melds live performance, operatic vocals, chamber music, puppetry and experiential theatre. Created specifically for children 4-10 years, this interactive journey inspires, educates and enthrals by inviting children, alongside their families, carers and teachers, to participate in multi-sensory ways to help our loveable couple go on a magical adventure.

Designed for outdoor festival locations and adaptable to theatre spaces (black box and proscenium stage), audiences are invited aboard Old Pea Green for a 45-minute performance, in an intimate setting created with floor-level staging and cushion/stool seating. Audience members are integrated into the action with interactive theatrical devices, designed to spark imaginative thought with strong tactile and aural stimulation. The cast consists of 3 singers, soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone, and a Puffin troupe of cello, clarinet/bass clarinet and vibraphone/percussion.

This national collaboration of female creatives have created a landmark musical work for children brimming with engaging new music and a whimsical script that explores the universal themes of love, harmony and acceptance.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
  • Outdoor: 1 day bump-in, opening 2nd day (1st show preferably after 2pm)
  • In a theatre space: Same day open (1st show after 4pm)
  • Can perform up to 3 shows a day
  • The show is intimate, so capacity is limited
  • The mode and capacity is flexible, depending on venue
  • The show can be presented indoors or outdoors
  • Black-box venues with removable seating banks / no seating banks are ideal
  • The show tours with full technical equipment
  • The show requires 3-phase power for outdoor venues
  • Outdoor: Venue 18m x 9m min preferred - the footprint is large
  • Can perform up to three shows per day but no more than two three-show days consecutively
  • When outdoors, the stretch tent needs to be secured with either long tent pegs or heavy weights
  • It is possible for the venue to be used for other activities during festival seasons

Little Match Productions is one of Queensland’s leading independent theatre companies, creating and producing high quality new Australian musical performance.

Based in Brisbane, Little Match is driven to explore our collective humanity via its most primal and intrinsically expressive media, the voice. We are insatiably curious to share and hear others’ voices, both literally and figuratively.

Our works traverse comedy-cabaret, opera, classical music and children’s productions, delivering high quality theatre to every member of the family. We develop, create and tour musical works that tell great stories of integrity and contemporary relevance, of women, society’s values and reflect on its growth and challenges. We are committed to tuning-in little ears to quality music through highly-accessible theatre to foster the next generation of music lovers and music-makers.

In rigorous collaboration with diverse artists, we have established a reputation for our unique ability to present classical repertoire and techniques in contemporary contexts. The foundation for each new work is ethical story-telling with integrity and contemporary relevance, high quality new music, ability to tour regionally and engagement of female creatives.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

  • The set is the venue - The audience sits inside the giant pea green boat
  • It’s intimate - The performance mode is immersive and undeniably engaging for young audiences
  • It’s interactive - It’s experiential and uses strong tactile and aural stimulation
  • It’s art music made accessible - The script and score are of the highest integrity and quality
  • The musical ensemble is a unique combination of vibraphone/percussion, clarinet/bass clarinet and cello, and they are characters (musical puffins), integrated into the action.
  • It's a truly different page-to-stage work
  • It appeals to adults and children alike
  • It's based on cross-generational literature

Marketing Materials

The Producer will be providing a new marketing pack format from 2017 for all productions. This will include collateral for multi-channel use and represents a full marketing strategy. This includes full media kit, social media materials, print templates, gifs, MRECs, video content, images and public relations materials. There will be customisable content, content creation assistance for presenters and a suggested schedule for implementation.

  • Educational pack - See Community Engagement
  • Merchandise - Including colour print T-shirts, Colour-Me-In T-shirts, Fidget pea-pod keyrings, tattoos, art prints, and a high-quality illustrated children’s book that includes music from the show, illustrated by Penny Challen.

Community Engagement

The Producer is enthusiastic to engage in discussion with each potential Presenter to find ways to meaningfully engage with distinct audiences and find layered connections with each community. There is a desire to tailor-make activities and opportunities to maximise relationships outside of traditional spheres. Workshop - Boat-making with The Owl and the Pussycat - A flexible origami workshop suitable for all ages, making pea green boats and various animals to place aboard. Additional creative activities for older children.

  • An educators resource will be created to highlight important connections to the Early Learning Framework and National Curriculum. Reading the poem, attending the performance and engaging in complementary classroom activities that respond to these experiences provide a range educational benefits for early years and primary students.
  • We are also looking at ways in which the work can connect with children’s literature at local libraries/bookstores through storybook activities.