Japanese drumming or Taiko is best described as a combination of music delivered through martial arts. Toko-ton's performances are made up of a wide repertoire of 3-5 minute long pieces carefully selected and ordered to suite each show. The instruments themselves are a work of art and add to the fact that Taiko is not just a musical performance, but very much a visual one too.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

As the drums are loud on their own, it is possible to perform to a semi large audience without amplification.

Toko-ton Taiko perform the fluid and energetic Japanese cultural art form known as Taiko or Wadaiko (Japanese drumming). The group is made up of 3 experienced performers, Chie Kajiwara and Shinobu Takebata originally from Japan and Steve Mason from Australia.

Toko-ton delivers something different; playing a unique style of taiko that is not often seen outside of Japan. By having several drums and styles played by each member, the group showcase the diversity of taiko. Combined with other instruments such as Japanese flute and Japanese percussion, Toko-ton’s goal is to give the audience an authentic and enjoyable Japanese culture experience.

Over the years, the group have performed at a huge variety of locations including Sydney Opera House, GOMA, Brisbane City Hall, Suncorp stadium, Chinatown Mall, Queen St Mall and Brunswick St Mall to name a few. The group have performed for companies such as Toyota, UNIQLO, Fujitsu, Isuzu and Mercedes-Benz. Cultural events including Asia Pacific Screen Awards, BrisAsia Festival, Queensland Multicultural Festival. Added to this, Toko-ton Taiko regularly visit schools, all over the region performing and doing workshops on a weekly basis. Each year Toko-ton also tour North Queensland and rural areas exposing students to Japanese culture through Taiko.

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Unique Selling Point

Watching Toko-ton-taiko perform, audiences get a sense of experiencing something not only very entertaining, visual, physical and musical, but at the same time having cultural experience. Playing traditional songs and modern compositions, all while staying true to the fundamental principals of taiko these performances are enjoyed by people of all ages and musical tastes.

Marketing Materials

https://www.facebook.com/tokotontaiko http://www.tokotontaiko.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKig9iGBJeA&index=4&list=UUsunse8foto-VZpi2mKPUcw

We have several high resolutions images that can be used for promotional purposes in both digital and print media.

One of our members is a graphic designer and can create or supply artwork to help promote the event through digital and/or print media. We have many example promotional posters that can be altered to suite the tour.

Community Engagement

Along with our performances, we can also offer 15 minutes - 1 hour Taiko workshops for up to 34 students at a time and they will have the opportunity to play actual taiko, learn basics and a short song. On request we can talk about the history behind taiko too.

The benefits of our show include breaking down cultural barriers as we are a Japanese Drumming group that has both Japanese and non Japanese Australian members. We can use Japanese words, talk about the history and culture surrounding Japanese drumming (taiko). We can talk about how drums are made as Steve has made several of the drums we use. As taiko can be a very simple instrument that anyone can make a sound first go, it can be instantly rewarding to people who have a go and a great way to build or encourage group involvement.