Barefoot Lawn Bowls meets Barefoot Contemporary Dance

You Don’t Know Jack & Kitty is a dance theatre customisable to any of the 2000+ unlikely contemporary arts venues across the country: your local lawn bowling green.

Like a mathematical problem the intricate body language of the bowlers is dissected, multiplied and reconfigured into choreography that transforms the site into a cinematic experience. The exceptional contemporary sound and music composition leads the audience between worlds from the colloquial club culture to the fine arts and back again.

The show is a crowd-pleasing experience for both seasoned lawn bowlers, intergenerational audiences and art lovers. The friendly rivalry, the chit chat, and of course, the refreshingly cold shandy post game make for a smashing night out.

Heralding from the Gold Coast, Gogi Dance Collective brings to you a homage to Lawn Bowls.

Show has premiered at Supercell Dance Festival 2020 with the New Farm Bowls Club + Coolangatta Bowls Club.

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With a combined 35 years of local and international dance practice, Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner are the Gogi Dance Collective founded in 2015.

By delivering high production values and excellence in choreography, visual and sound design, site and event management, Gogi’s unexpected, immersive experiences embolden audiences to explore their local spaces, connect with each other and shift their expectations of arts experiences.

The company is triennially funded by Gold Coast City Council, Gogi specialises in customised site­ specific dance experiences.

Producer and choreographer Harvie drives the creative collective’s exploration of new environments. White’s outstanding training at WAPPA elevates the company’s artistry. Frehner’s international career opens the regional company's perspective. Together they work closely with industry leaders such as Rosie Dennis (Director) and Roslyn Odes + Guy Webster (sound).

Gogi’s work has been commissioned by major festivals such as CommonWealth Games, Bleach Festival + Supercell Festival and been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

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Unique Selling Point

This work takes contemporary dance outside the theatre to families and communities of local bowls clubs. Taking place in quintessential Australian establishments across Queensland, the work is an unforgettable immersive experience blending contemporary art and good old classic bowls club fun. This is a show that will leave the audience talking about their local bowls club for years to come.

Marketing Materials

x1 High quality promotional video

x8 High quality hero images

Advertisment poster templates in A4, A3 and postcard sizes

x3 Audience highlight quotes

Media releases + reviews

Help and support in developing and organising publicity opportunities with your local bowls clubs

Community Engagement

1) Warm up and conditioning classes for lawn bowls club members

2) Contemporary movement masterclasses for ever-changing bodies of all ages and abilities

3) Speciality workshops in making site-specific dance/physical theatre performances for local artists

Gogi can tailor experiences to suit different communities and their needs, please enquire for more information