Which venues do you represent?

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre (MEC) Bundaberg

Tell us something people don’t know about your venue?

The foyer has tracking installed so local artists can exhibit their work, changing artists once a month.  This provides another creative outlet for community use.  Ten percent of any sales is donated to the Children's Ward at the Base Hospital.

What has been the most memorable event at your venue?

Accommodating the huge casts of the Russian ballet are always memorable and test the limits of the space both on stage and in the dressing rooms.  I have only been managing the Moncrieff for a year, but my most memorable event has been the QTC Black Diggers simulcast, because the audience included a large contingent from the local Aboriginal community, not often seen in the theatre, and such a quality performance offered free will always be memorable for the audience.

What do you love about your audiences?

I love the elderly demographic, and we acknowledge it and embrace it.  Older people are just so responsive to events organised for them, and they remain fiercely loyal.  But they will quickly let you know if there is something which they don't like, such as allowing the audience to take drinks into the auditorium, that was not a popular decision for a while, until they got used to it.

Top Tourist tip in your town?

Have to say a snorkelling trip to Lady Elliott Island is hard to beat, and of course the absolute thrill of watching tiny turtles hatch, and the instinctive determination they have to reach the ocean.

Best place for a short black?

I don't drink coffee but Nourish Café makes the best Chai Leaf Tea, with home-made macadamia and coconut milk, with golden turmeric.  It's like a meal in a cup, rich and delicious.