Which venues do you represent?

Artsworx, Located within the Toowoomba campus of the University of Southern Queensland.
We have two small venues;
The Arts Theatre – 260 seat Amphitheatre style auditorium (not quite a full thrust, definitely not a proscenium arch)
The Concert hall – 180 seat Proscenium arch theatrette

Tell us something people don’t know about your venue?

The Arts theatre in 'A' block is about 40 years old, and there have been many 'unconfirmed' ghost sightings by both students and staff. Whilst I have never seen the ghost, I have heard some disturbing footsteps in the catwalks (no one there...). There is a book detailing the haunted areas of Toowoomba, of which has a story that features a haunted vending machine in our foyer. The vending machine has since been removed.

What has been the most memorable event at your venue?

I have only been here for a couple of years, and I must say, its be a pleasure the whole time. The staff at Artsworx are all friendly, easy going and pleasant.
If I had to choose a  moment, it would be our Student production of Shakespeare's King Lear in the park. Storms were rolling in, and just before we opened the gates the heavens opened. We moved the event indoors that night, and the students gave a stellar performance.

What do you love about your audiences?

They're dedication to supporting our emerging artists.

Top Tourist tip in your town?

Japanese Gardens  - No 1 tourist spot in Toowoomba, is located about 200m from our venue (on campus).

Best place for a short black?

I can't tell you where the best coffee is.. but we do have two coffee shops on campus, but I can tell you where the best burgers are - PHAT Burgers (also located on campus and in town).