Please note production submissions have now closed.

Producers are invited to submit their show and indicate their interest to pitch, perform or participate in market place.

Market place is an open forum for Producers and Presenters to meet one-on-one and talk in depth about productions and programming.

Pitching is a 5-minute presentation to give presenters insights into potential audiences and how your production may fit within their program and venue.

Performance excerpt is a 10-minute segment of a production, allowing delegates to understand what the audience will experience.

How to submit your production

Submissions are open now and will close Friday 19 December 2014.

Step 1
Register on the arTour website or login using your existing details.

Step 2
Follow the prompts to Create a Profile and complete each of the tabs on the left hand menu including: Company/Producer Details, Production Details, Images, Reviews, Tours and Showcase. Be sure to hit save at the bottom of each page

Step 3
Use the preview button on the top right to see how your production will display live on the arTour website. If something isn't relevant to you - leave it blank.

Step 4
Submit to arTour - your show will be reviewed by the arTour team and we will be in contact with any suggestions, otherwise you'll receive an email notification indicating your show is live.

Updating an existing show
Check through all of the fields and make sure the information is current and fresh. Also look out for the new fields including Cost detail, Availability to tour and Showcase.

We understand navigating these things can be tricky and we are very keen to help! So if you have any questions, contact arTour.

What happens next

If you have expressed interest in pitching or performing, your production will be submitted to an independent panel made up of Queensland presenters. You will be notified by mid January if your production is successful.

Whether you are pitching, performing or participating in market place all producers are encouraged attend to Showcase. It is a great opportunity to meet presenters and discuss your production.


All Producers attending the Queensland Touring Showcase will be required to register for the event. Early bird registrations will open on Wednesday 26 November 2014.  BOOK NOW

Travel subsidy

Thanks to Arts Queensland, a small pool of financial assistance has been made available to assist with Producer travel expenses. Read more

Tips on uploading your show

  • Remember who the audience is. You are pitching your work to Queensland Presenters first, and their audience second. Be sure to communicate why the show will work in their venue and how it will appeal to their audience.
  • Stick to (or below) the word limit. You don't have to meet this limit - it is a maximum only, so try to be as succinct as possible. If you have more to say include the detail in your presenter pack or link to your website.
  • View tips on writing your synopsis
  • The site only accepts Vimeo or Youtube URLs. Make sure your video is public and is able to be embedded into external sites.
  • View tips on creating a production trailer.
  • Use your top five images. Make sure the best one is first. You can drag the images around to reorder them.
  • Most importantly consider what makes your show stand out and why is it a good fit for Queensland audiences