arTour is moving Queensland Touring Showcase to October each year, beginning 2018.

This change will enhance Showcase outcomes by improving tour development timelines and avoiding clashes with similar interstate and national markets. A transition phase - Showcase Online, outlined below, will ensure continuity of programming for 2019.

What's Changing?

In August arTour consulted our network including previous Showcase participants and received strong support for our plans to move the event to late October each year. Queensland Touring Showcase typically happens in March each year.

The October 2018 Showcase will focus on programming for 2020 onwards.

Roadcase activities will also move slightly earlier, being delivered in February / March each year rather than April / May.  Roadcase will provide community presenters with a clear sense of how they can engage with tours being developed for Queensland.

Reasons for Change

There are a number of reasons behind the change, including:

More Time to Build Tours
Ideally, tours visiting Stage Queensland venues need to be confirmed and funded by September each year to meet deadlines for annual program guides and commencement of marketing. The Playing Queensland Fund has a minimum 12-week timeline meaning applications need to be submitted before June each year to meet these marketing deadlines.

Changing to the end of the year allows approximately seven months for tour-building and submission of funding applications.

Avoid Conflicting Events
There are a number of other events around Australia that impact both presenters and producers who would usually participate in Queensland Touring Showcase. A move to October can lessen this impact in the early part of the year.

These events include:

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival and Honey Pot Program – February to March
  • Showbroker (Adelaide 2019) – Late February
  • APAM (Brisbane 2018) – Late February Biennial
  • Dance Massive (Melbourne) – Mid March Biennial
  • Perth Fringe and Perth Festival (January to March)

Transitioning to October

2019 Programming

As part of the transition to the new Showcase dates, arTour will manage Showcase Online to ensure continuity of programming for 2019. Showcase Online will be a session of facilitated online discussions between Queensland presenters and shortlisted producers. Following this, arTour will gather presenter interest in 2019 touring productions and circulate to producers. Producer submissions will open next month and a shortlist will be developed by a selection panel of Queensland sector representatives. The Showcase Online process will be completed by February 2018.


Showcase Online - January 2018
16 October 2017 Producer submissions open for Roadcase and Showcase Online for 2019 touring productions
13 November 2017 Producer submission close 5PM (AEST)
December 2017  Selection panel review all submissions and curate Showcase Online program
January 2018 Showcase Online Event
February 2018 Producers notified of Showcase Online presenter interest

Roadcase 2018
February 2018
Roadcase Activities
March 2018 Producers notified of Roadcase presenter interest

Queensland Touring Showcase - October 2018
11 June 2018 Producer submissions open for Queensland Touring Showcase October 2018 and Roadcase 2019 for 2020 touring productions
October 2018 Queensland Touring Showcase
November 2018 Producers notified of Queensland Touring Showcase presenter interest

Showcase Location

arTour is finalising the location for Queensland Touring Showcase October 2018 now and will make an announcement later this year. Sign up to E-NEWS and stay in the loop with Showcase updates.