In response to feedback from previous Showcase events and after the success of the 2016 and 2017 events, Showcase will continue to focus more specifically on engaging presenters from managed venues and Roadcase will cater for community presenters including local councils, volunteer arts councils and regional festivals.

arTour is moving Queensland Touring Showcase to October each year, beginning 2018. With this timing change Showcase will focus on productions available for touring two years following the event and beyond (for example Showcase 2018 will focus on touring producitons for 2020, Showcase 2019 will focus on production for 2021 and so on).  Queensland Touring Showcase will also continue to be an important opportunity to discuss, negotiate and collaborate with producers and other presenters.

A panel of presenters from the Queensland network of managed venues and industry peers select each production featured at Showcase to ensure the best available touring productions are being considered. Successful producers will be offered the opportunity to pitch or perform an excerpt at the event.

Presenters should bring their program calendars to Showcase and be ready to negotiate with producers regarding dates, fees and community engagement opportunities. This lays the necessary groundwork to confirm tours more quickly and efficiently in the weeks and months following the event.