Roadcase is an opportunity for community presenters to look at what tours are available for late 2016 and 2017 and make some choices about what will suit your audiences.

It's also about connecting with people from different regions, finding better ways to share and make decisions as a group. arTour is keen to support regions with similar tastes and interests to develop effective touring circuits.

A panel of fellow presenters will select productions to be included in the Roadcase program. At the event, participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with producers via live streaming platforms and ask any questions they have about the show.

Roadcase participants come from various backgrounds including tourism, schools, regional council, arts council, and other movers and shakers from regional communities. arTour also encourages representatives from managed venues in these areas to attend so they can work together with community presenters. More than one representative from each community is very welcome.

Of course, you're still welcome to attend Queensland Touring Showcase at the Gold Coast if you would like to view pitches and performance excerpts live however Roadcase is being developed specifically with community presenters in mind.

“The networking was valuable, ideas (shared), were great, production pitch good. An enlightening day”

View productions pitched at ROADCASE 2016