Who, how and what! Most importantly all applicants are encouraged to contact the arTour team to discuss your project before completing your application.

Who can apply?

Queensland Artists and Producers (independents, small to medium organisations, major performing arts companies) are welcome to apply.  We strongly encourage producers living in regional Queensland, Indigenous producers and artists of diversity to apply.  Artforms can range from theatre, dance, music, opera, cabaret, circus. If your show is ready to tour in 2022 then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact hello@arTour.com.au to discuss your work and the Queensland Touring Showcase online process.

Producers and Artists from states other than Queensland or International are not eligible to apply for Queensland Touring Showcase in 2020.

Can I apply for both a pitch and a company update?

Yes, you can apply for a pitch and a company update.  However, there will only be about 20 opportunities, and therefore one company wouldn't be given a pitching opportunity and a company update opportunity. You will only receive an offer for one.  You may choose to do a show pitch within a company update.

Can I apply for both Showcase and Roadcase?

Yes and you can submit more than one production. Please ensure that your production is suited to the type of presenters and venues that attend each platform. If you are unsure which event best suits your work contact arTour.

Do I apply if I am pitching at APAX in September 2020?

Yes Queensland Touring Showcase is all about providing a platform to deepen your connection with Queensland presenters and venues to further your touring potential.  You are welcome to apply to Queensland Touring Showcase online even if you are pitching at APAX.  However, priority may be given to projects that haven't had an opportunity to pitch at the national market. Discover more about APAX.

I already have interest from Queensland venues, what should I do?

You are more than welcome to apply.  Queensland Touring Showcase is all about providing a platform to deepen your connection to Queensland presenters and venues to further your productions touring potential. We recommend making a note of this interest in the Showcase section of your application.

Can I call you and chat through your project?

This should be one of the first things you do after reading through these guidelines and familiarising yourself with the application form.  Remember, we are here to help you and want to hear from you. Due to remote working please email hello@artour.com.au and an arTour team member will be in touch. 

There will also be a webinar on 16 July 2020 to discuss the application and selection process in 2020; if you can’t attend live or you have missed it; it will be recorded and available on our website.

How do I complete the budget?

Touring budgets always seem to trip people up.  We would really appreciate it if you talk to us about your budget before you submit. You can also view this resource to help. At the very basic, we need you to know how many people will be on tour, what is going on tour with you and we can work with you from here.

Do I need to provide a video?

If you have one, YES PLEASE.  Promo videos or show reels are by far the best and easiest way to get an idea of your project.  Also if you have a short clip which gives a feel for the actual show that is perfect.

How many submissions do you usually get and how many pitching and company update spots are there for this year's Showcase?

Your submission will be one of many to be considered – we had over 100 to consider last year and this year we will be choosing around 20 pitches or company updates for Showcase and up to 10 pitches for Roadcase, so make sure you're clear and concise and sending a consistent message throughout your application.

What are the key resources and info I need to include in my submission?

Please review the following resources and use the downloads to assist you thinking through what type of information you need to impart when offering a work up for tour.
Presenters Pack: artour.com.au/tools-and-resources/presenter-pack-template
Budget: artour.com.au/tools-and-resources/budget
Tech Specs: artour.com.au/tools-and-resources/technical-specifications
Marketing Kit: artour.com.au/tools-and-resources/marketing-kit

I've submitted my application, what next?

Great work! The arTour team will review every application in detail and get back to you if we have any feedback on your application. Please note during production application process we'll be processing a high volume of production profiles so you may not hear from us immediately, rest assured we will be in contact and when your profile has been approved to go live you'll receive a notification.  

Once submissions close an independent panel comprising of Queensland presenters, producers and industry partners will review all of the submissions and shortlist works or company updates to be considered at Queensland Touring Showcase Online. Approximately 20 productions or companies will be invited to participate. All applicants will be notified by early September of the outcome.