Submit your production for Showcase on the arTour website. Follow this step by step guide and remember to contact the arTour team to discuss your project before completing your application.

New Productions

  1. Register on the arTour website or login using your existing details. (You can reset your Password here too. If you need to reset your email linked to an existing profile contact arTour for help.)
  2. Follow the prompts to Create a Profile and complete each of the tabs on the left-hand menu including Company/Producer Details, Production Details, Images, Reviews, Tours and Showcase & Roadcase. If something isn't relevant to you - leave it blank. Hit save at the bottom of each page.
  3. Use the Preview button below the left side menu to see how your production will display live on the arTour website. Make sure you've completed and uploaded all the relevant resources including your Budget and Presenter Pack.
  4. Click Submit to arTour and your show will be uploaded for review by the arTour team. We will be in contact with any suggested changes, otherwise you'll receive an email notification indicating your show is live.  Please note during Showcase Submissions we expect to receive a large volume of productions to review on our site and it may take a little longer than usual to process your production.

Updating an existing show

Check through all of the fields and make sure the information is fresh and current. Finally, complete the Showcase & Roadcase section. Keep in mind, presenters and the selection panel are always keen to see new work which hasn't been pitched at Queensland Touring Showcase, Roadcase or national markets in the past.

Please note If you are experiencing technical difficulties double check your browser is the most current version available. Also trialling a different browser usually fixes most glitches. Firefox and Chrome are recommended. Be sure to save your work regularly!