When’s the last time your audiences got up close and personal with a Zimbabwean mbira, or witnessed the amazing depth and tone of an oud melodically recounting a tragic Persian love story?  How about being mesmerized by the breathing of the harmonium or listening to the talking tabla in an Indian serenade? These are just a small sample of the wonderful instruments, played by some of Queensland’s best musicians, who hail from all the corners of the world and make up the suite of artists that BEMAC support.

BEMAC has been around for over 27 years and at the heart of the organisation has been a drive to support musicians from a range of diverse backgrounds, who have made Queensland their home, to pursue their passion and creative careers.  We present our own world music program, which features World Music Café, Jazz Lounge (world-jazz fusion) and Singout Sista (the ladies rule here!) in our venue, the Queensland Multicultural Centre; in addition to supporting international collaborations, regional touring (Ethno Roadshow) and artist and audience development.

Programming diverse music content is an exciting opportunity to share the diversity of our communities with your audiences, exposing what can often be unique and colourful performances unlikely to have been experienced before in regional and remote communities.  With over 200 artists on our books, most have international touring experience and are able to deliver interesting workshops alongside of their performances, providing both an educational and entertaining experience.

BEMAC can work with presenters to shape a tour and assist in the development of audience development, marketing and promotional strategies. BEMAC are currently delighted to be working closely with arTour to increase opportunities for regional and remote audiences to engage with diverse artists, with a number of artists currently available for touring via arTour in 2016, including:  Mzaza, Jazzab, Celestino, Toko Ton, Nicholas Ng.

As part of Queensland Multicultural Week which is held in the last week of August each year, BEMAC tour a range of artists from diverse backgrounds in a customised collaboration partially subsidised by Multicultural Affairs Queensland, the Ethno Roadshow. Check out the below links for more information and please get in touch. 

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