Accurate, detailed and current Technical Specifications are key for a smooth presentation experience. Both producers and presenters play an important role in ensuring the information provided about their venue or production is easy to access, easy to understand and meets industry standard.

At Queensland Touring Showcase 2016 arTour invited David Finn from Ipswich Civic Centre and Jason Smith from the Judith Wright Centre to share some advice with producers about what they should include in their Production Tech Specs. We’ve collated the presentation into a guide document, which is a great start for producers to use as a base for their tech specs document.

Importantly, issuing of your tech specs documents should be just the beginning of the conversation. It’s important to schedule a check-in between the venue technical contact and the person responsible for tech requirements within the touring company to discuss each point in detail and avoid any awkward (and expensive) situations at bump in.

PAC Australia (previously APACA) provides an easy-to-follow Technical Specifications template for members.