In May and June 2019 Born in a Taxi and arTour toured The Whale’s Tale to 10 Queensland towns including Cairns, Mission Beach, Ingham, Townsville, Marian, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Cleveland, Hervey Bay and Sunshine Coast. 

The Whale’s Tale successful delivered high-quality children’s work, seamlessly combining festivals and schools in the same tour. arTour enabled the Producer to refine the processes around a longer tour and expand further into performing indoors at Performing Arts Centres where the weather isn’t an issue and where there are higher production levels. The Producer proactively connected with environmental sustainability organisations and campaigns existing in each town to deepen legacy outcomes.  

The Whale’s Tale was initially created as an outdoor work and was scheduled to be performed outdoors at eight of the ten locations. In the end, it was performed outdoors at only four locations due to Cyclone Anne which brought wet weather to north Queensland late in the season. The show was presented at the Redlands Performing Arts Centre on World Environment Day and coincided with other council’s environmental festivals. 

View the video to discover more about this tour.