Each tour is different and therefore the service arTour provides to each Producer and Presenter will be different.
Some people may seek advice and feedback from arTour on certain elements of their tour.  Some may ask arTour to manage individual tasks, allowing the Producer / Presenter to focus on other elements of the tour.  Or, you may wish for arTour to take on all tour management responsibilities.
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  • Itinerary development
  • Contract management
  • Logistics management (travel, freight andaccommodation)
  • Production schedules
  • Technical specifications
  • Tour Pack
  • Risk management
  • Insurance and licences
  • Touring crew
  • Budget
  • Grant application
  • Full tour management (all the items listed above).


  • Collection of raw imagery (hero shot, head shots, production images etc)
  • Cast and crew biographies
  • Company history
  • Marketing copy for the show (100 - 200 words)
  • Writing media release suitable for Presenters to modify for local use
  • Design of poster and flyer (pdf file)
  • Design of newspaper advertisement (pdf file)
  • Marketing guide and briefing document
  • Full marketing management (all the items listed above).