Jacob arrives at school for his presentation on his favourite topic: the most influential choreographers since the 1920s. He's booked the projector, he's prepared his slides, he's rehearsed all the dances and Mrs Coruthers has started the stopwatch. But will one hour be enough?

From Martha Graham to Bob Fosse, to Paula Abdul, Jacob knows it all. Through a rollercoaster of dance moves we explore the broken families, addictions and political escapades that fuelled the lives of these extraordinary artists.

Over the hour, Jacob discovers that you can study your heroes all you like, but it doesn't make your own path any clearer. If he wants to be just like his idols, it’s time to stop studying and start creating. So Jacob gets the audience up, and teaches them a simple dance to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.

Dance isn't a foreign academic concept, it's for everyone... and it feels good!

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

*Currently have interest in this production from Brisbane Powerhouse, Logan Entertainment Centre and Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

  • No adult themes

  • No course language

  • Haze and smoke not required

  • Follow spot not required

  • Moving lights not required

  • Minimum Stage area 5m x 7m

  • Venue to provide black dance tarkett for full stage area

  • Sprung floor preferred, but not required

Joseph Simons is passionate about creating engaging, entertaining contemporary dance and theatre for audiences of all ages and theatre experience.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

  • Fun night out
  • Comedy that is smart
  • Educational and informative
  • Australian performer (Joseph Simons is from Dubbo, NSW)
  • Developed in New York, London and Brisbane with international collaborators
  • Opening up physical theatre to new audiences
  • Blending dance and theatre in an unusual, charming and entertaining way

Marketing Materials

  • DROP BOX Includes marketing images, rehearsal images, marketing copy etc.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA Creator and Performer Joseph Simons has a strong social media presence. During the lead up and throughout the tour Joseph will be posting punchy, energetic videos, images and updates.

  • ONLINE PORTAL A website will be created to assist students (and interested public) on more information about the historical figures mentioned in the play. There will also be a chance for students to include their own thoughts on what choreographers were missed within the play.

Community Engagement

Master classes in self-devised work and dance technique Web series and online portal for audience engagement Educator kit

Because of the unique collection of themes within the show (school students, dance, history, choreography, marking your own mark on the world, being inspired by your heroes) there is an unless potential for opportunities to engage with the community. Venues can get creative with complimentary programs:

  • Send in a video recreating your favourite moments in dance history
  • Art inspired by your hero
  • Write in about someone whose career you'd like to copy
  • What era you wished you lived in and why?