Laugh out loud stupidity and side-splitting slapstick. Nail biting circus tricks and a phenomenal finish!

The show introduces kids to the artistic process of creating a slap stick, acrobatic show. The characters get the kids involved at the beginning of the show to help create a new show; giving feed back on what’s funny and helping with some of the circus tricks. The whole show finishes with the hilarious show within the show, which the audience has helped to develop elements of. (Please note that the show-within-the-show is also a stand alone 30 min festival show). The show can tour with a compact aerial rig that is ground based and requires only flat floor or venues can supply. This means that any venue or festival can have high quality circus aerial performances within an amazing dislocate show without the rigmarole that can be involved with circus rigging. The show is fast paced, outrageously funny and extremely tour-able.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
B, C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Geoff Dunstan in the company is a qualified rigger so can do all the rigging required for the performance. Can provide as an Outdoor show as well with own aerial gear/equipment. Can also do a version with no rigging required

Nicholas Clark Management (NCM) Agent NCM is dedicated to making high quality Australian work that is highly theatrical and supports and develops the emotional intelligence of young people and family audiences. NCM regular tours work to national and international markets. Recent tours include Western Australia, Victoria, New Zealand, UK, China, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Malta and Singapore. (

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Specialising in humorously clever aerials, tissue and acrobatics stunts, feats of human tower strength, daring balance and juggling, theatrical sounds and a rollicking musical time-warp, whilst creating an immediate up close and personal relationship with an audience

Dislocate has taken the characters from their world touring show 3 Speed Crunch Box and added even more slap stick, more stupidity, bigger tricks, wrapped it up in a belly full off laughs and will present to you.....drum roll.....3 Speed Re-BOOTED.

Marketing Materials

-marketing copy -promo images and cartoon images -promo video footage -Two different workshops are available for intimate and larger groups

Community Engagement

-Touring as a sustainable show with low carbon footprint -Circus skills workshops available with the show. Geoff Dunstan (performer) runs Ruccis Circus School. -Can work with Auslan and Audio description

This production is fabulous for school incursion, excursions or family audiences!! It can be coupled with circus/performance workshops to create a longer event, or it can be a stand alone show. Dislocate have run an extensive variety of workshops and masterclasses in circus skills, clown and performance for a wide range of abilities and ages. We are keen to couple the show with workshops.