Two desperate dogs, one kennel, five days in a rundown dog pound - what could go wrong?

A hit from the 2018 Brisbane Festival! Two dogs, one kennel, five days! This is the story of two very different dogs in an animal shelter waiting to be adopted or be 'sent to the back room'. A life affirming comedy that explores a dog's point of view including some home truths for the humans out there. Sharp, poetic and funny this play features two of Brisbane's finest performers in a work that reflects the dog's life through the lens of two hairy ruffians with a bone to pick.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
A, B, C
Touring Party

Family friendly, small set, some special LX states required. The touring kit will include equipment including 6 LED profiles, 4 spinning beacons, 16 bayonets and a ETC lighting Console. Venue will need to provide: 4 x profiles 5-15 degree; 8 x profiles 15 - 26 degree; 8 x profiles 25 - 40 degree; 17 x 1.2K-2K Fresnels/PCs; 48 Dimmer Channels; 4 x 2.5m Lighting Booms.

Venue will need to complete a 4 hour lighting pre-rig before crew arrive. Lighting will need about 2 hours to set up any extra gear and about 4 hours to focus/touch up plot. Following that a fast 1 hr cue to cue with the actors. but that could be combined in the 4 hour focus/plot.

Bump out for LX would be once the set is clear (30mins) if we need to fly in any bars but with support of a couple of venue crew should take no more than an hour to get touring lx out.

Dog Spoon is a performance company that creates theatre using various permutations of clown, visual theatre and text to explore the human story. Founded by Andrew Cory in 2017, Dog Spoon is the culmination of Andrew’s theatre practice spanning over 25 years.

Dog Spoon works with the highest calibre artists to develop and present theatre that is poetic, immediate and urgent. We aim to make work that uses a heightened theatricality to beguile, seduce, entertain and inspire our audiences. We are not afraid to mix the light with the dark, skillfully balancing both to create theatrical experiences from the hilarious to the haunting

Our inaugural production Two Guys In A Box opened to sell out houses for the 2017 Brisbane Festival. In 2018 we created a brand new work A Coupla Dogs which was one of the highlights of the Theatre Republic program at the 2018 Brisbane Festival.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

A Coupla Dogs appeals to anyone who has ever owned (or dreamed of owning) a dog. The appeal of the two actors playing dogs has an immediate comic aspect but also allows for a deep sentimentality regarding the themes around love, intergenerational relationships, individual freedom and courage. Its comedy and dramatic depth appeal to a broad age range. The performers have a strong physicality that offers heightened theatricality. The play is set in a regional town.

Marketing Materials

we have:

  1. excellent still shots of the 2018 Brisbane Festival production
  2. a professionally shot and edited 90 sec and 4 minute promo video
  3. great reviews from Brisbane festival season.

Community Engagement

Both actors have had extensive touring experience and immense professional experience. Workshops can be arranged for children and adults alike in: acting, devising, comedy and playbuilding.