'A Delicate Situation' is a cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and Asia, exploring the universal subject matter of dying, death and what lies beyond. Drawing on the power of mythology and our interest in the supernatural, it's the story of a woman’s struggle to come to terms with death whilst surrounded by folklore, myth and superstition. Utilizing the recurring image from many Asian cultures of a deadly and violent supernatural female figure clad in white with long draped black hair, through the idioms of dance, puppetry and theatre ‘A Delicate Situation' demonstrates the omnipresence of death and death lore across cultures.

Venue Format
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Touring Party

To recreate the set to the plan, the venue needs to be at least 10m wide x 5m deep 4.5m high, free of columns and other interferences. The stage may be up to 20m wide, and infinitely deep, as a black smother would be required to mask the upstage areas.

The international performer will require a visa so six months notification of remount and tour will be required.

Led by performing artist Lina Limosani, Limosaniprojekts is a project-based contemporary dance company devoted to the development of unique performance concepts, international collaborations and the appreciation and understanding of dance and the performing arts. By creating and building a reputation for dance that is exciting, thought-provoking and accessible, limosaniprojekts aims to continue to build relationships with existing and potential audiences and act as an advocate for the field of dance. With strong beliefs in the collaborative process, all dancers contribute to the creation of movement that is energetic, theatrical and technically demanding, contributing to performance work of the highest calibre.

Lina has created a number of works; 'A Delicate Situation' (nominated for three Boh Cameronian Awards, an Adelaide Critics Circle Award and an Australian Dance Award), 'One’s Wicked Ways' for Australian Dance Theatre, 'Whispers From Pandora’s Box' for the New Zealand Dance Company, and 'Not Today’s Yesterday' a collaboration with British Bharatanatyam dancer Seeta Patel which premiered at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe receiving the Best in Dance and Peace Foundation Awards. The Spinners premiered in July 2018 with SELL OUT seasons at the Adelaide Dance Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Dance.

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Unique Selling Point

Whilst drawing strongly on dance techniques the work is fundamentally dramatic in nature. The bold collage of characters, music, set design and lighting come together to create an intensely cerebral work that is entirely visceral, haunting and compelling. It speaks deeply to the audience’s own perceptions and experiences of loss and highlights the work as an extraordinary example of cross-cultural collaboration. This work celebrates the occult, the obscure, the forbidden, the dark and the strange, creating a breathless ‘on the edge’ live experience. ‘ADS’ is a chilling and visually enthralling piece of contemporary Australian and Asian dance theatre.

Marketing Materials

Images, media release, promotional video, reviews, printed flyers, media release, presenter package, 'In Conversation with' clips,

Community Engagement

Foyer Installation- A touring exhibition. Put on display one of the original dresses used in ‘ADS’ for the ‘Death’ figure, along with a set of the Fingers. Viewing these ‘costumes’ up close may engage audiences more fruitfully. Supported with visual images of the Malaysian Pontianak and other mythical creatures researched to create the character of ‘Death’. This could include Production and rehearsal stills and a manniquin head used in the work.

In-School Discussions- This would be designed to go into secondary schools, and spend an extended amount of time discussing the work, its themes and stories. We would focus on the International cultural collaboration that brought highlighting the importance of these sorts of cultural exchanges, and ways of going about getting involved in such projects, and the results that they can bring. Perform a short extract from the work. Could be extended to local dance schools.

Community Discussions- The above lecture demonstration could be extended to more mainstream areas such as libraries, museums and galleries, where the themes and cultural collaborations can be addressed to an adult population. Some of the complex themes can be addressed however focusing on ways in which ‘ADS’ represents this through the work.