In a sleepy town a father, on a whim, makes one small decision that changes everything.

A Rose Among Horns is a comedy of games, risks and the archaic notion of Prince Charming in a world where chivalry is dead and even the men want to be rescued. This comedic drama is evocative, abrasive and forgiving. It is about gambling on the prospect of love, when falling for lust and deception are just as alluring.

It is a highly physical show, drawing on elements of slapstick, La Comédie Humaine or The Human Comedy and the archetypal characters of Commedia Dell’ Arte. An immersive experience, where the fourth wall is broken and the characters entice the audience to partake in this loud and debauched night of fun, love and complex relationships.

This solo show explores the lives of six ‘oh-so-close-to-home’ characters, equally struggling with their own personal urges and desires, their consistencies and contradictions, as well as their triumphs and tribulations.

Venue Format
Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performance contains some coarse language and adult themes. Not recommended for audiences under 15.

Genevieve Butler is a theatre practitioner, playwright, director, actor and comedianne. Trained in the Lecoq method. She has been collaboratively devising theatrical works for over 10 years, and is the creator and performer of 3 solo shows. As both a physical performer and a performance-maker, Genevieve creates works that focus on dysfunctional neuroses and behaviours that we all fall prey to in modern society. They balance the horror and the hilarity, the awkwardness and the beauty of the human condition - as funny as they are unsettling.

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Unique Selling Point

A Rose among Horns is an original, witty and hilarious work - filled with cracker one-liners. It is evocative, abrasive and forgiving. The plays’ dark treacherous undertones simmer away just under the surface while an enchanting and captivating narrative unfolds before the audiences eyes.
This one-woman performance see’s Butler seamlessly transition from the rambunctious Punch and Bricko to the wistful and alluring Cindy, just a few of the characters that bring both hilarious and cringe worthy moments forward.

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-marketing copy -Posters, flyers, banners, press ads available on request (fees may apply) -Social media links and social media campaign available -Youtube clips

Community Engagement

-Community workshop in character and physical theatre based storytelling and comedy available. -Post show events and 'meet and greets.'