Angelique is beginning to see the world crack open in front of her very eyes. Her sister is missing, her parents are acting like strangers, and a talking bird haunts her day and night. Since that babbling parrot arrived, nothing has been the same. She knows at the end of it all only she can take action to make things right.

Angelique is a new theatre installation by isthisyours?, a promenade ‘coming of age’ tale about a curious and rebellious young girl Angelique. Shocked at seeing her father destroy a talking parrot, she’s forced to step outside her world’s now shattered confines. But then the audience too are invited into Angelique’s broken new world. An untrustworthy character and a series of unaddressed letters coax them to explore the rest of the theatre. Following Angelique’s tale, the audience is lured through the previously forbidden theatre environs; foyer, stage, backstage, green room, dressing rooms and all. On this illicit journey, small performances, games, riddles and clues, spur them to examine their own personal beliefs and mores. Angelique ends by forcing them to make a dire choice.

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Critical technical requirements This work moves in, around, behind and up into the theatre. While the staging is very clear & simple the company requires a site visit with the Producer and PM to determine how the show moves in & around the venue.

Please contact Jason Cross for further details and introduction to the requirements for the show. Jason Cross 0421 502 576 Full Tech Specs are available upon request.

isthisyours? creates original and unconventional theatre for a smart, risk taking audience that revel in the possibilities of live theatre. The company ethos is to search for humour in the serious, and find significance in the ridiculous, all to challenge our world’s seeming certainties.

isthisyours? formed in 2007 with Tessa Leong, Ellen Steele, Nadia Rossi, Louisa Mignone, and Jude Henshall. The company has created five original, self-devised and critically acclaimed theatre works. Nathalie Ribout adapted from Philippe Blasband in 2007, Make Me Honest, Make Me Wedding Cake in 2009, Winner of Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE Development Award, Best We Forget in 2010, presented by Tamarama Rock Surfers in Sydney and at the Brisbane Festival in 2012, You Wanna Talk About It at the Adelaide Fringe 2014, Winner of ‘Weekly’ Award for Best Theatre and Melbourne Fringe ‘Tour Ready’ Award, and The Awkward Years at the Adelaide Fringe 2015 and the Melbourne Fringe 2016, Winner of the Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE Development Award. isthisyours? have been working with Duncan Graham and Jonathon Oxlade since the inception of Angelique and were proud to present the world premiere of this collaboration at Her Majesty's Theatre in 2017.

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Unique Selling Point

Part performance, part installation Angelique inventively uses the theatre's existing architecture, lighting and sound hardware in unanticipated ways to embed the audience within the experience, transforming the space and story around them. The site-specific work houses a new architectural engagement with Theatre while the device of the letters gives the audience a new kind of agency not yet seen in participatory theatre.

Marketing Materials

Marketing collateral available: copy, images, footage, trailers, print material templates, digital assets, educational pack.

Community Engagement

isthisyours? engaged with 8 recent graduates from Flinders University Drama Centre to create and perform within the work as ushers, in exchange for isthisyours? members providing performance-making workshops for up to 120 students. isthisyours? also mentored recent Drama Centre graduate Rebecca Mayo and brought on board student director Alys Messenger, from Flinders also, for the recent production of Angelique. In this way the company sets out to engage with young arts practitioners and the touring show would require setting up this engagement with similar students/ graduates in other states.