★★★★★ “Sharp, smart cabaret with bite. Wickedly Funny” - The Advertiser

Award-winning musical-comedy maverick Anya Anastasia brandishes her razor-sharp satirical wit gleefully attacking and dismembering the perils of the modern world, bringing a fierce and provocative new breed of contemporary cabaret to the stage. Alongside musical-partner-in-crime, Gareth Chin, she stalks the 21st century landscape launching thrilling attacks on ecological screw-ups, techno obsessives, and self-congratulatory slacktivist keyboard warriors in this hilarious show that cuts right to the (funny) bone.

This is social and political satire at its most musically sublime as Anya and Gareth tackle the big issues armed with all manner of artillery; from swords to sitars, a degree in classical piano, soaring vocals, kung fu, deadly yoga moves, and virtuosic ukulele. Anastasia is a 7-foot-tall iphone-toting futuristic vision in white spandex and stacked heels, not afraid to ask the hard questions while suffering the setbacks (and advantages!) of being a narcissistic self-absorbed millennial. Like a tree falling in the forest, what is the point of saving the world if no one shares your status?

The Executioners is a digitally enhanced millennial neo-cabaret that combats our sense of helplessness in the face of big issues. And yes, there is a fight scene!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

This show involves projection elements so requires projector and screen. If there is a piano available in the venue, this show would request tuning and use. This show contains strobe effects and mild infrequent depictions of violence.

Anya Anastasia is a singer-songwriter, theatre maker and workshop facilitator who has spent over a decade as a free-lance creative entrepreneur. Her performances have become a staple of many festivals on international performing arts circuits.

She has traversed the globe with her original songs and bold performance pieces appearing at festivals in Europe, around Australia and NZ. Anastasia is also the creator and writer of multiple critically-acclaimed darkly funny musical theatre shows touring Australia. Anastasia has also released two albums and is currently recording her third album due for release this Spring (2019). Anastasia’s songwriting is noted for her odd musical time signatures, rhythmic vocal delivery and an impressive operatic range. Lyrically she is best known for her wit, poetic lyricism and social and political commentary.

Winner Made in Adelaide Award ($10,000 prize) Arts SA 2018 Winner Critics Choice & Best Cabaret Weekly Award at Adelaide Fringe 2018 Winner “Best in Fringe” the Adelaide Advertiser 2017 Winner “The Voice” Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

As an original Australian music artist, Anastasia has been described as “The lovechild of Kate Bush and Tim Minchin - the intelligence of his rhyme with the range of her vocals” - Fest Mag UK

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Unique Selling Point


  • All original script and music from a female identifying artist.

*Contemporary interdisciplinary work that takes inspiration from the political power and influence of Weimar cabaret but places it firmly in contemporary issues, with original production design, and blends artforms

  • The live original music element is a hugely celebrated and critically acclaimed aspect of all Anya Anastasia's show

  • Topical and responsive to current affairs. #trending #topics #hashtag #savvy

  • Glamorous and outrageous costume make Anastasia a perfect pick for media photoshoots / photo-calls.

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Marketing toolkit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ht76Dlo1uysto93gp7r6EbZT0DCztjIW

Community Engagement

Workshop - Ukulele to Save the World Under the careful guidance of ukulele lover, activist and performer Anya Anastasia, you will learn some great basic uke skills and experience the joy of playing and singing with a group. The 60 minute ukulele workshop covers songwriting basics, covering a classic tune or two and collectively writing a world saving anthem together in the workshop