Anzac Eve is a contemporary play about two young New Zealand guys who meet two young Australian girls at Gallipoli the night before Anzac Day. Maia and Lizzie (a ‘Mozzie’ – Maori Australian) work in an insurance office in Brisbane. Ben is a history graduate of Otago University while Phil is a graduate of the Munich Beer Festival. The four are to attend the Dawn Ceremony as part of their overseas experience. But are they there for a boozy party and possible hook-up or to solemnly commemorate the occasion? As the disparate group of youths prepare for dawn, they debate the Anzac experience. Is it just a convenient myth? Have we learnt anything in the following century? Does the matey ‘Anzac bond’ between Aussies and Kiwis truly exist or has it become a myth, thanks to underarm incidents and detention centres? During the night, the four young people drink, bitch, laugh, flirt, take selfies, and thrash out political and personal issues. Tempers flare, romance sparks, tears are shed, and ghosts are uncovered and put to rest.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
5 - 4 cast and 1 tour manager

There are no critical technical requirements - it is a very easy show to bump in and out. There is a small amount of swearing in the show. The issue of war and suicide is broached, as one character, Maia, has a brother who killed himself while on a tour of duty for the Australian army in Afghanistan.

Production Company – Armstrong Creative Armstrong Creative is a theatre production company (established 1994) based in Wellington. Run by producer Caroline Armstrong and renowned playwright Dave Armstrong, Armstrong Creative has a reputation for combining high-quality artistic productions with outstanding box-office success. Armstrong Creative is a small company with low overheads but with a large group of talented actors, musicians, directors and technical experts to call on. The company has a long and successful record of touring productions in New Zealand, often more than one at the same time, and has also toured productions overseas (Edinburgh Fringe, Under the Radar- Brisbane, Cambridge University-UK, World Theatre Festival – Brisbane).

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Unique Selling Point

Anzac Eve is a play about World War I that is very contemporary as it is set in Gallipoli in the present time. It draws parallels between Gallipoli and current political issues such as NZ/Australian involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism, racism and suicide. Yet it also very funny, and affectionately models the strong friendship (and rivalry) of Kiwis and Aussies. Anzac Eve is an intelligent and balanced play about war and history that doesn't patronise its audience and features highly opinionated yet humorous and warm characters.

Marketing Materials

Marketing copy, brochures, video of production, script, images, education pack. This play has had highly successful forums with cast and writer after most productions.

Community Engagement

The community will be provoked by the show into thinking about what Gallipoli means to them today. They will have some myths challenged and think about why they commerate Gallipoli the way they do. They will also draw parallels, as the play does, between the First World War and current issues such as wars in the Middle East, as well as racism and xenophobia. They will have the opportunity to engage in a safe forum after the show with actors and writer, and discuss the many issues raised in this thought-provoking show. The cultural legacy will be that people attending the show will understand better that history has many facets, that there are more that two sides to every story and that there are reasons we like to cling on to myths and heroic stories. They will also reflect on Australian/New Zealand relations as this is one of the first plays to traverese this issues.