Arc is an immersive, site-specific performance created by Australasian Dance Collective collaborating with a large group of local youth dancers.

Arc is a stunning work of scale that captures the odyssey of the human spirit, and how we strive for connection, purpose and unity in a time of separation and fear.

A bespoke creation, Arc is a reflection of us and our journey from isolation to reconnection.

Created by Australasian Dance Collective’s Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, and featuring a stunning new score from award-winning composer, Wil Hughes, this immersive and deeply moving piece not only prompts a response, it demands it.

A unique and remarkable work that features ADC’s acclaimed dancers performing alongside 30- youth performers from the local region in a site-specific, inclusive and interactive performance that invites audiences to celebrate the joy of community and shared experience.

Brisbane’s own contemporary dance company blends its signature physical prowess with compelling, artful contemplation to create a poignant, yet triumphant high energy performance that embraces all it means to be human, together.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Arc is an immersive, site-specific outdoor performance that requires minimal technical requirements and is a production that assist local arts councils to activate new site locations through programming this show. The performance is a family friendly event that provides the opportunity for a large-scale community engagement with minimal financial risk. The piece is designed a structured to have the capacity to be created on a large group of student dancers, participation capacity will vary according to the chosen location of performance and the available rehearsal space.

The tour model of this production is not designed to be part of a circuit as the model required a minimum of a week of development with local dance communities. The available timelines for programming this production can be picked from several dates across 2023 and can be negotiated to suit the events of the region we are visiting.

Australasian Dance Collective is one of the nation’s leading contemporary dance companies. Established in 1984 as Expressions Dance Company, the company has created over 175 works by 70 international and national choreographers.

With an extraordinary ensemble of six dancers, the company has achieved significant recognition through national awards, including three Helpmann Awards and three Australian Dance Awards.

We are defined by our commitment to excellence in both performance and sector development, contributing to the evolution and future of contemporary dance. Annually we create multiple new works, collaborate nationally and internationally and present performance seasons at major Australian venues including our presenting partner venue QPAC.

Entering a bold new era under the leadership of renowned Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, the Queensland-based company has a focus on collaboration, empowerment and artistic risk-taking to create exhilarating dance works that push boundaries and speak to the soul.

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Unique Selling Point

Arc creates an opportunity for meaningful exchange between local communities and Australasian Dance Collective, with the performance outcome providing a platform for this collaborative artistic creation.

The experience is deeply embedded with the sharing of information, creativity, and inspiration that flow and culminate into a realised performance.

The work adapts to its environment, responding to the architecture of the space in which it will exist. Arc genuinely reflects the people who are a part of it and allows the opportunity for a local community to be involved and have ownership of the show.

Marketing Materials

ADC will provide a comprehensive marketing and publicity package that includes copy, a selection of hero images, rehearsal and production photography and videography. Promotional Footage includes drone footage amplifying the scale of the show.

ADC also provide print templates for posters, and flyers. Assistance with the set-up of these documents can be provided.

Online Education resources via Australasian Dance Collective’s Digital Suite. The ADC Marketing team will be available to support programmers to achieve the best possible results, assisting with the roll-out of all promotional content.

Community Engagement

The intention of Arc is centred around bringing community together. Through collaborating with local council and connecting with local arts venues and dance communities; Australasian Dance Collective will run a weeklong contemporary dance intensive that is the fertile ground from which the performance outcome will evolve. During the intensive students will get a sense of the inner workings of creating live performance as well as directly experiencing the day-to-day activities of professional dancers alongside ADC’s acclaimed dancers. The week will be structured with dance technique classes, repertoire in preparation for the performance, improvisation, and task work to hone creativity and responsiveness. This program is an invaluable experience that fosters long term connections with community and provides not just a collaborative performance outcome, but deep-seeded learning out comes for students and teachers of the local dance community.

Participating students will receive a wealth of knowledge from our wonderful artists as well as the opportunity to perform with Australasian Dance Collective at the end of the week.