A great selection of timeless classics, neglected gems, quirky oddities and outright showstoppers - something for everyone regardless of age, background, music tastes and experience in listening to chamber music.

Artico is a no fuss mobile group whose super-entertaining concerts dispel long-standing myths about chamber and classical music.

This ensemble should be everyone's introduction to classical music. Once heard never forgotten.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
4 musicians with a keyboard, if a piano is not available at the venue.

All Artico shows are family-friendly shows both highly entertaining, educational and engaging. Technical requirements are virtually non-existent as the group is fully mobile, transportable and carries minimum equipment.

Artico Ensemble was established in 2000 as a professional chamber music quartet, with the aim to bring good music to non-mainstream venues such as churches, art centres and private homes in metropolitan and regional Australia.

We perform a diverse repertoire ranging from traditional chamber music pieces, well-known classics, lesser-known gems and engaging contemporary works written for our ensemble, to operetta and music theatre, with our concerts described as “Intimate, professional, varied, informative & enjoyable”.

We bring chamber music to audiences that may not be able to experience it live in established concert halls. In doing so we explore many wonderful suburban venues that are seldom used for live music performances, whose hidden potential as intimate concert venues is waiting to be realised. We look for partnerships with individual concert organisers and community groups that share our vision of creating accessible, high-quality concerts that are memorable, interesting and entertaining – enjoyable for everyone.

Artico Ensemble also participates in festivals, conferences and special events in Australia and abroad where our interesting instrumentation, impeccable musicianship, thoughtful programming and fresh approach to chamber music are received with critical acclaim.

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Unique Selling Point

Artico's concerts are always audience-friendly and super-professional. The interesting combination of instruments, engaging delivery and a great mixture of music make Artico a unique act on the classical scene. Low overheads allow Artico to keep costs well down making the group an attractive proposition for any occasion where a touch of class and polish is required. Artico's audiences go home humming the tunes, marveling at the myriad of styles they heard and questioning their own perception of classical music. They learn about new composers, new sounds, new worlds of music.

Marketing Materials

CD recordings, website, photos, references, individual artists' standing on the music scene, short promo videos and testimonials, track record and experience.

Community Engagement

Artico concerts galvanise communities because the ownership of their shows is shared between the artists, community leaders, concert organisers, community venues (such as churches, museum, community halls and private homes) and community organisations.

Communities are invited to incorporate an Artico concert in the fabric of their operations such as special events, fund-raising, growth of fellowship and communal coming-together.

Concert organisers and audiences always comment on how uplifting, positive, entertaining and interesting an Artico show is. They note an increased number of concert attendees with every repeat performance.

Artico's no fuss can-do approach to making classical concerts happen in most unlikely of places, frequently in the suburbs and non-metropolitan areas, has been appreciated by many local communities around Australia.

Artico's music comes to people who would normally not have an opportunity to engage in such an experience for reasons such as affordability, access, mobility, hesitancy to try it out and/or perceived exclusiveness of this genre.