A ballsy, irreverent, tear-jerking, stupidly funny, Spumante flavoured, folk / musi - comedy romp through a story of modern fertility for anyone who has a uterus or knows someone with one. Roz as musician and performer takes us on a journey through a variety of heartfelt and strikingly real characters she meets whilst she navigates the ‘taboo’d’ journey of IVF. No fancy sets, no tricks of the light, no costume changes – just Roz, her powerhouse voice, her acoustic guitar, three guest star trestle tables and one hell of a story. Join her while she asks the universal question - ‘have I f&^cked it?’ Best known as one half of Queensland’s enduring and well loved songwriting duo, women in docs, Roz shows us another side to what she does best – telling the truth, crying, laughing and singing her god-damned guts out.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
2 (1 actor / musician + 1 stage manager)

15+ content / All original music / Swearing and allusion to female fertility anatomy / Roz will treat the show as a cabaret, theatre or pub style event as needs be (will need amplification to suit specific audiences if necessary but she has excellent projection) / Roz will work in with most presentational situations having toured in bands across the world for 20 years.

Roz Pappalardo (Wayward Touring) has been a constant in the Australian Music Industry for approximately 20 years as musician, (one half of women in docs, independent original and international touring act, and as a strong roots original solo artist), presenter, programmer and producer based in regional Queensland, currently Artistic Director for Tanks Arts Centre, Munro Martin Parklands, Cairns Performing Arts Centre and Cairns Festival.

JUTE Theatre Company's 25 year vision is to enrich the world through theatre. JUTE develops, produces and tours new Australian contemporary theatre. In 2016 JUTE toured 2 shows successfully for a combined 21 weeks, to both performing arts venues in Brisbane, Ipswich and Townsville and to regional and remote communities/schools in North Queensland.

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Unique Selling Point

The show takes a taboo subject and makes it completely real and present in a humorous, irreverent and relatable manner. Music in a theatrical context is like a line direct to one's vein and in this instance, original music underpins the entire narrative, enveloping up to 8 characters that Roz channels to tell her story.

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Roz Pappalardo has a strong following in the music and theatre world as an artist in her own right and has audience pulling factor in many centres in Australia, as well as very close ties with many media outlets.

Community Engagement

Roz will reach out to local IVF private hospitals to encourage free round circles with women who wish to share their stories.