An exhilarating collaboration of Contemporary Dance, the music of COLDPLAY and spoken word of A.B ‘Banjo’ Paterson.

An exhilarating collaboration of Contemporary Dance, the music of COLDPLAY and spoken word of A.B ‘Banjo’ Paterson.

BANJO cleverly intertwines the themes common in both Paterson's and Coldplay's work and explores them through; live music, dance and literature.

Set within two locations, an urban world and rural Australian setting, allows the piece’s major themes of ambition, love and loss to be contrasted, compared and combined throughout its progression.

Brand new arrangements of Coldplay's greatest hits by guitarist Mat Brooker; Clocks, Yellow, Fix You, Paradise and many more blend with the beauty of Paterson's verse - Clancy of the Overflow, As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue, Lost and Waltzing Matilda and more.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
One Actor, Two Dancers, One Musician, One Crew

Performances are suitable for all ages.

At one stage in the performance the lights black and giant, glowing balloons are sent into the audience. This may prove troublesome for some lighting rigs and venues.

Got Ya Back productions was formed in February 2017 after directors Steph and Tim Maddren relocated from Sydney to Port Macquarie with a mission of creating and developing innovative original theatre productions, and building upon their original concept of Hide & Seek Cinema.

Since it's formation Got Ya Back has produced six seperate theatrical productions, three of those being original theatrical works. The cabaret 'ME & MY SHADOW' has completed two seasons in 2017, both with sold out shows at the Arts Centre Gold Coast (BASEMENT) and The Glasshouse Theatre in Port Macquarie. KAMAHL's most recent concert, 'PRECIOUS WORDS & SOOTHING SONGS' was conceived, built and produced by Got Ya Back; this two hour concert had its premier in February 2018 at The Glasshouse Port Macquarie. 'BANJO', their flagship production, will be premiered on the 17th of August and run for a season of six shows at The Glasshouse Theatre.

Unique Selling Point

The primary elements of this production are all extremely well supported; COLDPLAY's music is popular worldwide, and A.B Paterson's poetry is appreciated/celebrated nationally and studied in schools. The contemporary dance element to this production gives both COLDPLAY's music and Paterson's verse an element that has possibly never been seen before.

Marketing Materials

All marketing and show material are designed and three promotional video's are currently published online.

To market all our Got Ya Back productions we use a social media expert who encourages maximum engagement with our online marketing campaigns. The production's poetry reader has had an extensive theatre/TV career with over 60,000 followers on his social media database. The combination of the established social media following and a social media expert has proven to sell shows, comparatively inexpensively no matter where the locality of the production is produced.

Community Engagement


A school specific performance with a following Q&A, which expands upon the unique process of combining the many disciplines.

PERFORMANCE TIMES - 12pm - 1pm with 1hr workshop to follow


This workshop, like the production, celebrates local literature/stories and combines the content with other artforms.

We encourage all participants to bring a piece of literature written by someone within their own community. We firstly examine the themes held within its story and the piece’s structure. We then explore those themes in through a dramatic medium. Once a clear theme for the piece is established, we add music and song to the text and explore how these elements change the piece.

Is the piece’s story and its primary theme(s) enhanced by the addition of other artforms? Does this new artistic amalgam change how the themes are perceived?

Our aim with this workshop is to encourage a greater appreciation for local literature. Encourage literature to be re-invigorated in creative ways and inspire people to share their own literature through a theatrical medium.