“The phones are jammed again Barry!” screams Barbara. In truth, the phones are cold and the lines are empty but Barbara has hatched a spicy plan to heat things up with her self-penned radio melodrama. Armed with a saucy script and a suite of celebrity actors, she has convinced herself (and Barry) that broadcasting her new radio play will revive their dwindling audience. But things go sour when the actors fail to arrive and they are left to carry the romance on their own.

Enjoy the ensuing shenanigans as these two terrifically talented actor/musicians lie, moan and sing their way through an eight-hander play as a duo. Protected by the veil of radio, Barbara and Barry exhaust every conceivable trick in the book to manifest Barbara’s melodrama with maximum authenticity. Will they need help from the audience? Yes. As was the case with Sweet Sour and Saucy, the audience will play a part in this play. Literally.

Imagine Days of our Lives with Basil and Cybil Faulty playing every character at once. Pepper that with delicious voices, refined musical expression and drench in spontaneous joyful delights and you have just stepped foot into Barbara and Barry’s Romance Radio Play.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
4, Melissa Western (Barbara), Tnee Dyer (Barry), technician, tour manager

If show is booked with Lissa and Nee Nee Space Adventure (touring at the same time) a significant discount will apply.

Melissa Western and Tnee Dyer have enjoyed successful independent full-time performing arts careers for over a decade. In mid-2016 they returned from a year touring and training in the UK. Melissa received a Churchill Fellowship and the pair performed in festivals and venues around the country. They have travelled locally and globally to key festivals (Edinburgh Fringe, Woodford Folk Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane Festival) and have toured twice with the UK NRTS (Ella, Marilyn Marlene and Me, Lush Life, Oh Lady Be Good). As a married couple with children this pair enjoy a warm and uniquely personal rapport onstage. They are known and respected for their refined skills, spontaneity and authenticity.

Highlights include extensive touring and mainstage performances throughout Australia, the UK and France including: Women in Voice, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Canterbury International Arts Festival, Bristol Spiegeltent, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane Cabaret Festival, Brisbane Jazz Club, Speigeltent, Queensland Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, QPAC, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Adelaide Fringe etc. Sweet, Sour & Saucy received five star reviews in Edinburgh and was nomiated for 3 x 2015 Matilda Awards: Best Female Actor, Best Musical/Cabaret and Best Set Design..

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Unique Selling Point

Barbara and Barry’s Romance Radio Play has a dynamic yet firm narrative structure which contains their carefully refined blend of quality music, comedy and spontaneous audience interaction. Audiences appreciate the attention to detail in the aesthetic of the set, props and costumes and they delight in the style and swagger of Barbara and Barry. These characters have been crafted through years of performances around the world in countless venues and contexts. The wicked and wonderful rapport they share is thrilling to experience and is the defining feature of their performances.

Marketing Materials

High quality marketing collateral and images available.Already achieved 5 star reviews at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Have been invited to appear at this year's Canterbury Festival and Jumpers & Jazz Festival.Have already hosted International Women's Day Event at Brisbane City Hall. Uniquely Australian tone and authentic vintage feel.Small, experienced touring party with big impact.

Community Engagement

Workshops can be run in the interests of the community - topics include - group singing workshops, improvisation workshops, customised masterclasses.