A musical journey to the heart of Tibet evoking the beauty and vastness of the Himalayan plateau.

Tenzin’s powerful vocals and connection with his audiences have established him as a favourite on the world music scene. Tenzin plays dranyen (Tibetan lute) and lingbu (bamboo flute) but is best known for his extraordinary vocal ability. Proudly holding the unbroken nomadic lineage which is central to his musical repertoire, Tenzin’s performances encompass soaring nomadic melodies, sublime flute pieces, sacred poetry and playful folk tunes.

Tenzin's compositions bring traditional Tibetan music into a contemporary setting making it more easily accessible to audiences worldwide. He sees traditional music as a universal form of communication, “…where I can connect with others, raise awareness of important issues and encourage mutual understanding of the diversity of humanity”.

Through his music and warm explanations, Tenzin takes audiences on a musical journey which transcends cultural boundaries, reveals ancient wisdoms and connects deeply to the wandering people of his homeland. Such cross-cultural influences encourage listeners to discover common ground, experience new sounds and take inspiration from age-old art forms.

Audience members describe Tenzin’s performances as “a gorgeous sharing of cultural nuances of the human voice”, “an illuminating experience”, “beautifully meditative and healing” and “memorable and delightful”.

Tenzin’s message is uplifting and his obvious joyfulness is infectious.

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Tibetan-Australian singer-songwriter, activist and cultural ambassador Tenzin Choegyal is one of a handful of artists keeping Tibet’s music alive in the freedom of exile.

Tenzin performs at festivals and events in major centres and regional areas across Australia, occasionally accompanied by other Australian and international artists. Internationally he has performed in New Zealand, Japan, India, Germany, Bali, Bangladesh, New Caledonia, Russia and USA, including several performances at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

In 2008 Tenzin founded the annual Brisbane Festival of Tibet and has curated several Women with Wisdom events (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne), the Himalayan Film Festival (Sydney, Brisbane) and cultural programs with Tibetan monks and nuns from India and Nepal in communities across Australia. Tenzin was twice appointed musical director for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and Tutor and Artist in Residence with groups of culturally diverse artists for BEMAC’s CultivArt Series and the Sydney Sacred Music Festival.

Tenzin’s nine independent albums trace his progression from accomplished traditional performer to innovative contemporary musician. He collaborates widely with other artists including Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson to create major works for stage and film, with his recent album with Laurie Anderson, 'Songs from the Bardo' being nominated for a 2021 Grammy Award.

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Tibetan-Australian singer-songwriter Tenzin Choegyal brings a unique perspective to the Australian music scene. Drawing on his nomadic roots, Tenzin’s original compositions are richly layered, interweaving Tibetan sounds with contemporary music styles, all the while preserving the integrity and authenticity of traditional music and ritual. Working with presenters and creative directors Tenzin takes a flexible approach to developing concepts and fine-tuning programs and staging arrangements. He is comfortable taking the lead in workshops and community projects to develop ideas and deliver quality experiences.

Marketing Materials

Tenzin’s concerts are most often promoted via social media platforms, local newspapers, radio, posters and flyers in local areas.

Available marketing material includes: • Media releases • Biographies • Copy for social media, What’s On posts, newsletters • Publicity images • Promotional video clips • Flyers and posters

Other marketing assistance can include: • Posts on Tenzin’s Facebook (over 4,000 followers) • Radio or TV interviews with Tenzin • Promotion via Tenzin’s mailing list and community contacts

Community Engagement

Tenzin enjoys connecting with community members outside of concert performances with singing workshops and masterclasses suitable for school children, adults or experienced musicians. Workshops for up to 20 participants can take place in various locations such as the concert venue, community centre or local school. Workshop duration is approximately 60 minutes. • Sharing different forms of Tibetan music, nomadic-style singing, the Lama Mani tradition and teaching of simple Tibetan songs. • Deeper involvement in the artistic process such as coaching a choir or a music group. • Q&A sessions on topics such as traditional instruments, song writing, playing in a band, aspects of Tibetan life and culture, the refugee experience. • School groups and choirs may opt to make a rough recording of each workshop song and take a copy of the lyrics for future performances. • Some workshop groups may also have the opportunity to join Tenzin on stage during his concert performance. • Joining local musicians in jam sessions that focus on cross cultural collaboration and sharing of musical traditions and stories. • Opportunities for feedback, evaluation and future engagement on specific topics.