Be Your Self (Redux) is a distilled, yet equally powerful, version of ADT's Be Your Self, especially adapted for affordable touring by stripping away the set and video projections from the original work.

The original score has been further developed and sees wild cartoonish landscapes transform into a beautiful lyrical soundscape, bringing with it new emotion to the piece.

Be Your Self (Redux) wields dance and spoken text to collapse the underpinnings of who we think we are.

The athletic dancers of ADT are transformed into erupting, powerful, and emotional entities, projecting startling physical images. Stewart situates the body at the centre of his enquiry and reveals that despite our civilising cultural inscriptions, the body is still a force to be reckoned with.

Audiences are engaged in a complex dialogue in which they are compelled to explore what makes you ‘you’.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, C
Touring Party

Performance contains strobe lighting, theatrical haze effects and adult references (suitable for children aged 12 and above).

Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) is one of Australia's pre-eminent contemporary dance companies and has been presenting uniquely Australian contemporary dance that serves as an intelligent and critical progression of the art form since it was formed in Adelaide in 1965. Under the artistic direction of Garry Stewart since 1999, the company has embarked on a distinctive artistic trajectory that has won the company numerous international accolades, praising Garry Stewart's choreography and his formidable ensemble of dancers. Stewart is globally renowned for his uncompromising commitment to making compelling and provocative dance. As a result, ADT has a respected national and international reputation and is currently regarded as one of the most distinctive and exciting dance companies currently touring the world.

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Unique Selling Point

Be Your Self (Redux) will attract ADT's core audience of dance fans with some cross over into theatre, circus and acrobatic fans due to the integration of contemporary dance, gymnastics, music, sound effects and spoken word .

ADT appeals strongly to dance and drama students in the final years of high school or in tertiary courses.

ADT has a strong youth skew in its audience base as well as appeal to audiences who appreciate risk and excitement.

Marketing Materials

ADT provides the highest standard of marketing materials. We work with presenters on effective and innovative marketing strategies utilizing traditional and social media to ensure that audience engagement initiatives are tailored to each presenter's target audience.

Marketing packages include hi-res images, text, reviews, media releases, program layout suggestions, biographies and video footage.

“The marketing collateral and promotional footage drew in new audiences that wouldn’t normally pay to see contemporary dance” – Linda Christof, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre

Workshops and other performance-enhancing activities are available to presenters and ADT is currently exploring pre-tour streaming of company classes and rehearsals.

Community Engagement

Education and outreach is integral to the company and ADT can provide audience engagement and education activities to assist in the promotion of the show through the following:

• Pre-show introductions to the work hosted by Associate Artistic Director • Post show Q&A sessions with Associate Artistic Director and dancers • Choreographic and dance master-classes for early career and professional dancers • Schools workshops • Open rehearsals and behind the scenes experiences • Extensive teacher’s notes can be provided for school groups. These include a description of various movement tasks to encourage the students to create dance phrases based on ADT technique.

ADT is exploring the development of a pre-tour roadshow to introduce ADT to potential audiences prior to commencing a performance tour. These roadshows would see "animateurs" associated with the company travel to communities and deliver workshops that are directly linked to Be Your Self Redux. It is envisaged that these workshops will help communities develop an appreciation of contemporary dance and encourage their creativity, and widen audience appeal.

The company also envisages trialling live streamed days of class and rehearsals to give the public an opportunity to see what goes on "behind the scenes" at ADT and develop interest in attending ADT performances.